California State University, Long Beach
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Richard Behl, Geological Sciences, gave a presentation to the South Coast Geological Society on Aug. 4. Behl spoke on "Sailing Through Underseas Fold and Thrust Belts for Fun and Science" in which he compared the marine geology and landforms of Southern California and Croatia.

Alan Colburn, Science Education, continued his column, “The Prepared Practitioner,” for the journal The Science Teacher published by The National Science Teachers Association. His latest entry, titled “Learning Science Beyond the Classroom,” guides high school science teachers toward more effective use of informal science institutions such as zoos and museums and includes an interview with Science Education’s James Kisiel.

Alejandra Cox Edwards, Economics, saw her book The Gender Impact of Social Security Reform (co-authored with E. James and R. Wong) published by the University of Chicago Press. As populations age and revenues diminish, government and private pension funds around the world have become unsustainable in their present form. This book compares outcomes of social security systems in Chile, Argentina and Mexico, and presents findings from Eastern and Central European transition economies as well as several OECD countries.

Carole Cox and Paul Boyd-Batstone, Teacher Education, co-authored Engaging English Learners: Exploring Literature, Developing Literacy, and Differentiating Instruction published by Pearson, an imprint of Allyn & Bacon. The book presents a research-based instructional approach to developing English learner literacy through culturally responsive reading and writing activities. The book includes the results of longitudinal studies with English learners in their reading development. Together Cox and Boyd-Batstone have studied and practiced the use of reader-response theory in classrooms and uncovered how it can be affect literacy development and second-language acquisition.

Lesley Farmer, Educational Psychology, Administration and Counseling, presented a paper on "Library Services to Children with Autism" at the International Association of School Librarianship conference in August. The following week, she presented a paper, in French, on "Leading from the Middle" for the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) conference held in Quebec City. Farmer edits the IFLA School Libraries and Resource Centers Section Newsletter.

Teresa Fiore, Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literature, received a Certificate of Distinction in Teaching from the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard University, during her residence on that campus as the De Bosis Assistant Professor and Fellow for 2007-08.

Craig Hendricks, History, presented “Long Beach: The Federal City, 1910-1960” at the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association in August in Pasadena with his colleague at Long Beach City College, Julian DelGaudio.

Maridith Janssen, Recreation and Leisure Studies, was invited to present at the Organization of International Psycomotricity and Relaxation annual summer conference in Paris. Janssen and Bob Riley, Executive Director of the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification, presented a session on Cognitive/Affective Therapy for Older Adults as well as a session on the profession of Therapeutic Recreation and National Certification. This was the first time presenters from the United States were invited to this conference.

Lionel Mandy, Africana Studies and Psychology, made two presentations at the 40th annual international convention of the Association of Black Psychologists held in Oakland in August. Along with Psychology's Michael Connor, he presented "The Invisible African American Father: How to Re-claim Respect." He also presented "The I AM Model of Afrikan/African/Black Male Identity Development."

Victor Rodriguez, Chicano and Latino Studies, published a column in Spanish titled "Poder Latino? Los Latinos y Los Partidos Políticos en Los Estados Unidos" ("Latinos Power? Latinos and Political Parties in the US") in the Puerto Rico weekly Claridad, Feb. 14-20, pp. 29-30. His column on the Puerto Rican primaries titled "The Puzzle of Race and Politics: The Puerto Rican Experience" was web published in CounterPunch, June 4. His book review of Puerto Rico in the American Century: A History Since 1898, Cesar Ayala and Rafael Bernabe, Chapel Hill, N.C., University of North Carolina Press, 2007, was published in the Sunday Magazine of El Nuevo Dia daily, San Juan Puerto Rico, on June 15. He was invited to lead a seminar on "Color-Blind Ideology: Recruitment, Hiring and Retention of Faculty of Color in Higher Education" sponsored by the Dean of Faculty and the Diversity Committee at Rollins College, Winter Park, Fla. on April 7. He also was invited to speak on "Race and Racialization in the Post-Civil Rights Era: Color-Blind Ideology and Communities of Color" a campus talk sponsored by the History Department, Casa Latina, Latino Studies and Latino student organizations on April 15 at University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign.

Clifton Snider, English, published an article, "Queer Persona and the Gay Gaze in Brokeback Mountain: Story and Film, in Psychological Perspectives, Vol. 51, No. 1 (January 2008). He also published "Anaphora," a review of Lovers and Drag Queens, a book of poems by Austin Alexis, in the Small Press Review, January-February 2008.

William Straits, Science Education, saw the publication of his article titled “Mastering Scientific Vocabulary: Three Approaches to Vocabulary Instruction” in the international journal School Science Review. He was one contributor among a team of authors that included high school science teachers and university faculty. The article highlights various means for developing students understanding of science vocabulary including literature circles, word scaffolding and definition diagrams.

Paul Tang, Philosophy, presented a paper titled "Scientific Method" at the 50th annual meeting of the Western Social Science Association in Denver, Colo., April 23-26. In addition, he chaired a session there on "Philosophy, Ethics and Values" and also attended a business meeting to discuss the presentation of next year's 51st annual conference in Albuquerque, N.M., April 2009. Susan James, Joe Rasmussen, Dan Deen and Alan Casselman — all present or former graduate students of Tang's — also presented research papers.

Debbie Whittaker, Philosophy, spoke at the 17th International Conference on Teaching Philosophy, sponsored by the American Association of Philosophy Teachers at the University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada on Aug 7. The title of her talk was "Teaching pre-collegiate Philosophy: Rationales and Experiences."  Whittaker serves as the director of the Center of the Advancement of Philosophy in the Schools housed in the philosophy department.