California State University, Long Beach
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2008 Distinguished Faculty Teaching Awards

Linda Callahan

College of Health and Human Services Department of Nursing

Linda Callahan

Linda Callahan sees herself as a facilitator, guide and resource for her students. A professor at CSULB since 1997, she is dedicated to helping her students develop advanced skills in critical thinking and reasoning as clinicians and professionals. 

Callahan continually seeks opportunities to enhance her knowledge in the field of nursing. In order to better prepare her students for the challenges they will face in the ever-changing area of genetics, Callahan sought and was selected for a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Nursing Research/National Institutes of Health in the Summer Genetics Institute in Maryland. Since then, she has incorporated what she learned in all of her courses and has given guest lectures on genetics for other CSULB professors. 

In addition, her own research has expanded the knowledge she shares with her students. Together, with Michael Myers in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and researchers at the Long Beach Veteran’s Administration Medical Center, Callahan has been exploring a mechanism for killing glioma cancer cells. If the research leads to a viable vaccine, her advanced practice nurses will have a central role in treatment and public education. 

Callahan works as an anesthesia clinician in a private practice dealing with patients undergoing fertility and plastic surgery procedures. She earned her doctorate in educational evaluation and measurement from Florida State University and has two master’s degrees from CSULB in nursing and in instructional media. 

Marilyn Korostoff

College of Education Educational Administration

Marilyn Korostoff

A CSULB faculty member since 1995, Marilyn Korostoff is a valuable leader in the College of Education. She helped redesign the Educational Administration program, serves as coordinator for the master’s program in Educational Administration and coordinates the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program. She also serves as co-director of the new doctoral program in Educational Leadership.

Korostoff is also recognized as a leader in her field. She has conducted workshops worldwide on educational law and is currently completing Legal Leadership, a text on school leadership and educational law that will be published by Merrill/Prentice Hall.

Korostoff believes in doing whatever it takes to engage and motivate learners, going out of her way to foster individual relationships with her students. She reviews students’ resumes and counsels them regarding various leadership positions, district opportunities and administrative openings. In order to accommodate her students’ schedules, office hours are often held on weekends and evenings. 

Korostoff brings to the department 19 years of experience in Southern California public schools. She has a bachelor's and an educational doctorate from UCLA, master’s degrees from Pepperdine University and CSULB, and a life teaching credential from Cal State L.A.

Kathleen A. Lacey

College of Business Administration Professor of Legal Studies in Business Faculty Director, Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership

Kathleen A. Lacey

Kathleen A. Lacey is known by students and colleagues throughout the College of Business Administration (CBA) for her dedication and devotion to teaching, concern and care for student learning and superb instructional performances. 

Her efforts to create a positive, interactive learning environment based on communication and rapport with students, and to foster their critical thinking and ethical reasoning skills, has made her one of the highest-ranked instructors in the College, with ratings between 4.6 and 4.9 on a 5.0 scale.

Lacey began teaching at CSULB in 1994. In 2005, when the Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership opened, she was named faculty director. In addition to her roles as professor and faculty director, Lacey has been instrumental in the college’s efforts to develop new curriculum for business ethics and ethical leadership. She has developed and teaches CBA 400I Business Ethics and CBA 401A Ethical Leadership and helped create Ethics at the Beach, a one-day ethics certification program. Lacey also teaches CBA495, an innovative, two-semester leadership course offered through the Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership that enables students to engage with CEOs and other business professionals in top companies like Toyota, Mattel and The Boeing Company on ethical issues in business. 

Lacey is a leader in her field nationally. Her published research in corporate governance and business corruption enhances her teaching of business law and business ethics. She currently serves as president-elect of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, a national academic organization and participates in pedagogical and business law and business ethics symposiums, seminars and panels in order to enhance her knowledge and engage them the area of business law and ethics and maintain best practices in teaching.

Sherry Span

College of Liberal Arts Department of Psychology

Sherry Span

Whether she is asking her students to do the “wave” to illustrate the action potential of a neuron or is classically conditioning them to cringe at the sight of a barbecue skewer, Psychology Professor Sherry Span is known for actively involving students in her classes.

That commitment to student engagement, coupled with a rigorous, compelling course outline and her ability to inspire students to reach their greatest potential are among the reasons Span has been selected for a 2008 Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award.

According to her colleagues, Span is one of the most respected and sought-after professors in the department. Her course evaluations are consistently high, regularly exceeding ratings of other professors. Span values professional development, often attending conferences on teaching, seeking feedback from her students with an anonymous mid-semester evaluation, and discussing with other faculty the best way to teach courses. 

In addition, Span’s commitment to student learning extends beyond the classroom. She serves as a research mentor, was the faculty adviser of the Career Opportunities in Research Education and Training program for five years, and chairs and sits on numerous committees for graduate students’ master’s theses.  

A licensed clinical psychologist, Span earned her bachelor’s degree at Tufts University. She has two master’s degrees; one in psychology from CSULB and another in clinical psychology from the USC. She holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from the USC. 

Stacy L. Young

College of Liberal Arts Communication Studies

Stacy L. Young

Since Stacy L. Young arrived at CSULB in 2000, she has made a name for herself as an outstanding teacher who is dedicated to ensuring students master the course material and apply it to real-life situations.

Young has taught 15 different courses at the lower-division, upper-division and graduate levels including some of the department’s more challenging core classes. Students rank her well above average on evaluations, often rating her a perfect 5. She offers various opportunities for students to demonstrate proficiency in the subject matter and often asks students to connect the course material to their everyday lives. In addition, she goes out of her way to make time for her students to help them feel connected to the course material and to the campus.

Not one to shy away from challenges, Young continues to maintain a notable body of scholarship while developing new courses, including hybrid and local online classes as well as a course for the university honors program on the Dark Side of Communication. Young also serves the university as the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program, in which she advises students in rigorous cross-disciplinary programs.  She has worked with Vice Provost Cecile Lindsay on the Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholars Program, the Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program and the CSULB Graduate Research Fellowship.  In addition, as the Director for Graduate Teaching Associates in her department, she has provided coaching and mentoring to future faculty.