California State University, Long Beach
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Service Awards

10 Years of Service

10 years of service

Front row (l-r): Sandra Shirley, Jesse Ramirez, Yvette Ramirez, Mary Harris-Robinson, Laurie Angel, Walter Martinez, Gail Walters and Gwendolyne Taylor

Middle Row (l-r): Barbara McClinton, Elson Browne, Gracie Cole, Thomas Enders, Kathryn Havey, Ghulamhaider Cassim and Gwen Johnson

Back Row (l-r): Cristina Carbajal  and Carl Fulbright

Not pictured are Denis Arsenault, Timothy Ball, Rachel Brophy, Derrick Che, Susan Close, Gwen Edelstein, Larry Himmel, Wiliam Holley Jr., Val Jacobo, Monica Malin, Jill Mather, Blaine Neely, Melody Nielsen, Robert Oyama, Atelaite Pale, Gregory Pascal, Andrew Redmayne, Nancy Roberts, Yash Singh, Lynda Stassi, Doris Taylor, Marco Vasquez, Dana Westmoreland, Eugene Wohlgezogen and John Young.

15 Years of Service

15 years of service

(l-r) Mary Walker, Charles Hughes, Terri Telasky, Michael Nosow, Marilyn Crego and Lee Eames

Not pictured are Michelle Farragher, Dana Hooten, Hillary Onyeche, Mo Tidemanis, Ronald Vogel and Craig Walker.

20 Years of Service

20 years of service

Front Row (l-r): Robert Hostetler, Susan Kohn, Jose Hernandez, Douglas Harris, Karen Cizmar, Nancy Walker and Yvonne Correia

Second Row (l-r): Benito Benasfre, Henry Wu, Donna Soto, Virginia Martin, Sally Schliesmayer

Third Row (l-r): Bruce Warkentine, Fred Neely, Merrill Bee, Manuel Gil, Juan Alonso   

Back Row: Miguel Alcantara and Douglas Robinson

Not pictured are Michael Berg, Gilberto Diaz, Paul Jarmon, Brian Nowlin, Martin Nunez, Rosie Robinson, Gerald Roski, Mary Ann Solic and Tai Van Trang

25 Years of Service:

25 years of service

(l-r) Carol Brown-Elston, Gregory Mars, Debbie Drumheller, Jon Simmons, Cynthia McCarty, Sherry Pawneshing, Mihir Das and Diana Harbort

Not pictured are: Evelyn Austria, Jeane Caveness, Kevin Conroy, James Cullingham, R. Denise DeGrazia, Kristin Hunter, Margaret Luna, Genieve Maestas, James McKibben, Michael Remley, Shayne Schroeder and Harry Wilson.

30 Years of Service:

30 years of service

(l-r) Cynthia Greene, Rhonda Marikos, James Long, Peggy Lafon, Robert Soukup, Jack Gallizio, Tony Carberry, Corazon Ejercito, Sandra Raquel, David Norman, Stan Olin, Anne Bykerk-Plante and Kristie French

Not pictured are: Patricia Aleman, Greg Bunton, James Cvitanovich, Paula Gloeckner, Art Liebig and Martha Rivera

35 Years of Service:

35 years of service

(l-r) Patricia Matzke and Robyn Mack

40 Years of Service:

40 years of service

(l-r) Henry Fung and Robert Freligh