California State University, Long Beach
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Courtney Ahrens, Psychology, published an article titled “Deciding whom to tell: Expectations and outcomes of rape survivors’ first disclosures” in the March issue of Psychology of Women Quarterly.

John Bellah, University Police, recently saw the publication of several articles in Police Fleet Manager. In the November-December issue, Bellah authored articles on front-end alignment basics and front end alignment versus trunk weight. In the January-February issue, Bellah wrote “Upfit Tips from the Automakers.”

Clorinda Donato, Romance/German/Russian Languages and Literatures, recently saw the publication of “Public and Private Negotiations of Gender in 18th-Century England and Italy: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and the Case of Catterina Vizzani,” British Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, 29.2, (Autumn 2006); “La Enciclopedia Metódica: Transfer and Transformation of Knowledge about Spain and the New World in the Spanish Translation of the Encyclopédie Méthodique,” in Das Europa der Aufklärung und die außereuropäische colonial Welt, ed. Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink, Studien zum 18. Jahrhundert, Wallstein Verlag 2006; “L’Abbé Bergier et le Journal helvétique: dix-sept articles contre Voltaire et le Dictionnaire philosophique” Critique, critiques, ed. Malcolm Cook. Peter Lang, 2007 and a review of Olympia Morata’s, The Complete Writings of an Italian Heretic edited and translated by Holt N. Parke in The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe published by the University of Chicago Press in 2003 as part of the Annali d’Italianistica 2006. She also delivered several lectures including “Collecting Dead Virgins in 18th-Century Rimini” to the Modern Language Association, Philadelphia. Dec. 29; “The Politics of Anglo-Italian Friendship in the 18th Century: Antonio Cocchi, Horace Mann and Horace Walpole” before the Mutual Perceptions of Britain and Italy in the 18th Century: Anglo-Italian 18th Century Conference of the British and Italian Societies for 18th-Century Studies and the Centre for 18th-Century Studies, Kings Manor, University of York, Sept. 29-30; “New Directions in the Representation of Sappho: Alessandro Verri’s 1782 Le Avventure di Saffo, Poetessa di Mitelene” before the conference titled Queer People: New Directions in the Histories of Sexualities 1280-1868 held at Christ’s College in Cambridge, July 27-30; “Dissecting Gender in Anatomist Giovanni Bianchi’s Carteggio, 1741-1746” before the American Association for Italian Studies held in Genoa, Italy on May 25-28; “Que dirons-nous des Espagnols: The Italians Answer Masson de Mortvilliers” before the American Association for 18th Century Studies held in Montreal, March 30-April 2; “Translating the Italian 18th Century,” Northeast Modern Language Association, NEMLA, Philadelphia, March 2-5; “The Last Encyclopédie: The Failed Launch of a Dutch-Swiss Joint Venture” presented with Arianne Baggerman, Rasmusuniversiteit, Rotterdam, to the 20th Annual De Bartolo Conference held at the University of South Florida Feb. 16-18; “Le radici napoletani dell’Encyclopédie d’Yverdon di Fortunato Bartolomeo de Felice,” University of Cagliari, Jan. 15; and “L’Enciclopedia d’Yverdon e il suo editore Fortunato Bartolomeo De Felice” at the University of Florence on Jan. 9.

Robert H. Friis, Health Science, authored a paper titled “Sociocultural determinants of tobacco use among Cambodian Americans” published in the Journal of Health Education Research in June. Co-authors were Dr. Mohammed Forouzesh, Him Chhim, Sheetal Monga and Donna Sze.

Walter Gajewski, Instructional Technology Support Services and Library and Academic Technology Services, is exhibiting his photographs at the Orange County Fine Arts Showcase Gallery in South Coast Plaza Village through April 22.

Camille A. Holmgren, Geography, is the lead author (with J. Norris and J.L. Betancourt) of a refereed article titled “Inferences about winter temperatures and summer rains from the late Quaternary record of C4 perennial grasses and C3 desert shrubs in the northern Chihuahuan Desert” which appeared in the Journal of Quaternary Science. Additionally, she gave a presentation at the American Geophysical Union in December titled “Plant functional variability in response to late-Quaternary climate change recorded in ancient packrat middens” with second author D. Potts.

John Jung, Psychology, made an invited presentation at a book signing for his Southern Fried Rice: Life in a Chinese Laundry in the Deep South before the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California meeting in Los Angeles on March 7.

Maulana Karenga, Black Studies, co-authored with Tiamoyo Karenga a chapter titled “The Nguzo Saba and the Black Family: Principles and Practices of Well-Being and Flourishing” in Harriet McAdoo (ed.), Black Families, 4th Edition, Thousand Oaks and London: Sage Publications, 2007, pp. 7-28. He also gave a distinguished lecture “Nguzo Saba: The Principles and Practice of Bringing Good into the World” in the joint Distinguished Lecturer Series at Metropolitan State College of Denver and the University of Colorado, Health Sciences Center on Dec. 7. Also, he received a Distinguished Lecturer Award from this joint lecture series, “dedicated to bringing internationally recognized speakers who inspire students to think critically about current issues, trends and events.”

Unna Lassiter, Geography, is the lead author with J. Lowry of an invited article titled “Unpacking Difference: The Changing Identities of Greyhounds” published in the Sport and Geography special publication in the Pathways series of the National Council on Geographic Education. She was also lead author with J. Wolch of “Changing Attitudes toward Animals among Latinas in Los Angeles,” an invited chapter in Land of Sunshine: An Environmental History of Metropolitan Los Angeles (ed. W. Deverell and G. Hise) which came out last summer.

Barry Lavay, Kinesiology, recently coauthored with R. French and H. Henderson, a paper titled “A Practical Plan for Managing the Behavior of Students with Disabilities in General Physical Education” in the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, No. 78 (2), 41-48.

Tulin Mangir, Electrical Engineering, published and presented a paper titled “Integrity and Integration Issues for Nano-Tube Based Systems” to the 2006 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Applied Computing Engineering, and a paper titled “Use of Project Portfolios In Outcomes Assessment For Engineering and Technology Students” to the ASEE Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration 2007 held in February; and “Nano-Technology As a Catalyst for Multidisciplinary Engineering and Science” to the International Conference on Engineering Education 2006 held in May. She was invited to and attended the 2007 Research Review for Functionally Engineered Nano-Architectonics (FENA) Center as an outside reviewer in January. She was invited to and attended the CIO Impacts Conference for Wireless Internet at the UCLA Anderson Business School where wireless Internet access in city metro areas and other wireless technologies were discussed by industry, government and academic participants in February. Also, she was invited to serve as a co-chair for the 2007 International Conference on Communications, Circuits and Systems in Wireless Communications to be held in Japan.

Don E. Peavy, Religious Studies, traveled to London March 11-16 to present a paper at the Oxford Roundtable. The paper proposed a methodology for teaching religious studies as science.

Leslie Reese and Paul Boyd-Batstone, Teacher Education, each gave plenary session keynote addresses at the Sixth International Literacy Conference in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Feb. 21-23. This conference was presented by the Guatemalan Reading Council, an affiliate organization of the International Reading Association. More than 1,200 teachers from Central America, the Caribbean and South America attended. Reese’s keynote was “El maestro Como investigador en su propio salón de clase: Construir puentes entre los conocimientos comunitarios y la ensenaza en el salón de clase.” Boyd-Batstone’s keynote was “Estrategias para la ensenaza de la escritura: Tres experiencias pedagógicas.”

Dmitrii Sidorov, Geography, presented a paper titled “Corporatization of Urban Space and the Emergence of Civil Society in Post-Soviet Moscow” to the first AESOP Young Academic Meeting, in Bratislava, Slovakia, in February. Also, he presented a paper at the British Universities Siberian Studies Seminar conference in September in Vladivostok. The title of his talk was “The East in Contemporary Russian Orthodox Geopolitics.” Additionally, he gave two invited lectures to the Moscow State University’s Department of Geography titled “Western Urban Geography and Changing Approaches” on Dec. 22 and “20th Century Western Urban Utopias and Dystopias” on Dec. 23.

William Straits, Science Education, received the 2007 Innovations in Teaching Science Teachers award from the Association of Science Teacher Educators for a paper he co-authored with the University of Alabama’s Sharon Nichols. Titled “Using Historical Non-Fiction and Literature Circles to Develop Elementary Teachers’ Nature of Science Understandings,” the article combines nuts-and-bolts instruction for exploring important questions in science, such as “What is science? How is it done? What is its purpose?” with the integration of relevant theory from science and reading education

Shira Tarrant, Women’s Studies, recently saw the publication of her article titled “Modern Fables” on race, class and gender in “Wife Swap, What Not to Wear, and Extreme Makeover” in Girlistic Magazine’s spring issue. It is available at She presented “Stepping Out of Bounds: Feminist Men and Political Organizing” at the Western Political Science Association annual conference in Las Vegas, in March. Her article “Modern Fables: What Does Pop Culture Really Say About Women, Race, and Class?” was published in, in spring.

Virginia Tanzmann, Physical Planning, recently joined the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Bond Oversight Committee representing of the American Institute of Architects. As the only architect on the committee, she is the voice of the profession in the committee’s scrutiny role over the expenditure of more than $13 billion, the bond portion of the LAUSD’s $20 billion public construction program that serves the district’s 700,000 students.