California State University, Long Beach
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Author of the Month

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Huevos y la Mujer Latina:
The De-Masculinization of the Macho

Julian Segura Camacho, lecturer, Chicano and Latino Studies

Huevos y las Mujer Latina: The De-Masculinization of the Macho, Camacho’s latest book from Floricanto Press, argues that the social progress of the Chicano male lags behind the rest of society. He describes a growing perception by Chicano males of condescension from women in the community who have achieved greater social advancement. “Chicano males have been left out of any gender or racial discussion, yet suffer the highest work related death rates, lowest college attendance and graduation rates, high incarceration rates, the highest poverty, even though they have the highest labor participation rates,” said Camacho, who joined the university in 2000. “The Latino male has become the Sisyphus of America, condemned to low wages by globalization, to ignorance by mediocre, highly unionized schools, and destined to be marginalized of any equity-political-solution.” The South Bay native earned his A.A. degree from El Camino College, his B.A. in political science from USC, an M.A. in urban planning and, in 1994, a second M.A. in Latin American studies from UCLA. He is also the author of Societal Suicide in 2006 from Hamilton Books, The Chicano Treatise, released by University Books and Unwanted and Not Included: The Saga of Mexican People in the US, again from Hamilton Books. One theme that connects his work is cultural survival. “How will Chicanos maintain their culture in the face of Madison Avenue and American TV?” he asked. “I reject the whole idea of the melting pot. I feel Mexican Americans are not allowed to so much as climb in the pot. I feel we have been excluded from acceptance. But the Chicano culture has its own Americanization. It has taken the best from different cultures and given to the world. Just taste the food.”