California State University, Long Beach
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Engineering Receives $100,000 Endowment

The College of Engineering at CSULB has received a $100,000 endowment from The Beavers Charitable Trust to provide scholarships for graduate students majoring in civil engineering and construction engineering management with special preference given to students who have an interest in the heavy construction industry.

Ralph G. Larison, immediate past president of The Beavers Inc. and a trustee of The Beavers Charitable Trust, recently presented the check to the college.

"We chose to endow $100,000 at Cal State Long Beach because we would like to establish a partnership with the College of Engineering, and our proximity, as a member of the Long Beach business community, gives us the opportunity to be more involved," said Larison, who studied civil engineering at CSULB in 1967 and 1968. "I've also employed several folks that have been students of the engineering school, here. We've had wonderful success with them."

The Beavers, Inc., an organization of construction companies and individuals who are, or have, engaged in heavy engineering construction, was founded in 1955 to promote goodwill, friendliness and consideration within the industry; to recognize those men and women who have demonstrated particular skill, responsibility and integrity; and to encourage and support entry of promising young individuals into heavy engineering construction.

The heavy construction industry, which involves infrastructure projects such as dams, highways, water transmission and rail programs, faces an ongoing need for highly skilled personnel to replace their retiring workforce. Coupled with funding cutbacks in construction management and civil engineering educational programs, students wishing to pursue industry careers find it difficult to afford classes in what has become a competitive learning environment.

"In our quest for excellence, we are focused on improving the quality of incoming students and providing them with the best preparation for entering the workforce," said Forouzan Golshani, dean of the CSULB College of Engineering. "The endowment created by The Beavers Charitable Trust will help us immensely in this endeavor."

First established in August 1977, The Beavers Charitable Trust is a nonprofit organization founded by The Beavers Inc. board of directors, which devotes its proceeds for the exclusive purpose of assisting students entering the heavy construction industry.

The funds, from which The Beavers Charitable Trust distributes grants and scholarships, are derived solely from interest, dividends and equity appreciation earned from contributions made to the trust estate by the members of The Beavers. Over the past 40 years, the estate of the trust has grown to more than $9 million and, in 2007, will generate $400,000 in scholarship grants.