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Author of the Month
The Sex Crimes Scenario

Book of the Month

Newly out in 2006 from the Dubuque, Iowa-based Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, The Sex Crimes Scenario is Tolbert’s first book. The qualitative, empirical study is based on more than four years of face-to-face interviews with 20 women of varying social and demographic backgrounds. The common theme between them is that all had experienced some form of sexual assault during the course of their lives. “I wanted to understand the facilitators and barriers affecting the way women report sex crimes,” said Tolbert, a Long Beach resident who joined the university in 1997. The Sex Crimes Scenario is a theoretical model that provides a way to answer some of the questions inherent to the paradox. Despite the belief that rape, domestic violence, incest, and a range of criminal activity involving sexual assault, are anomalous occurrences, sex crimes such as domestic violence do not occur within a vacuum. Rather, they are produced within the context of a scenario which constitutes a series of events, situations and circumstances that come together in time and space to form relationships where sex crimes are committed on a regular basis. She hopes that readers come away from her book with a deeper understanding of the significance of sex crimes. “They exist and they’re not going away,” she said. “The numbers of sex crimes occurring today are increasing, while the numbers of women reporting them are decreasing. It seems counter-intuitive but it’s true. Despite all the advances women have made in the last 30 years, it appears there are still silent forces operating in our society designed to thwart any attempt for women to find encouragement and support in these situations.”