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Courtney Ahrens, Psychology, received the 2006 Early Career Award for Scholarship and Service from the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. The award was created to recognize one scholar each year who combines excellence in scholarship with excellence in service.

Rick Behl, Geological Sciences, was a co-author on a peer-reviewed journal article, “Climatically driven emissions of hydrocarbons from marine sediments during deglaciation,” that appeared in the Aug. 28-Sept. 1 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Norm Carter, Geography, presented “The residential renaissance of downtown Los Angeles: Too hip to last?” to the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers in Eugene, Ore., in September.

Steve Fleck, Romance/German/Russian Languages and Literatures, gave a conference paper titled “Modernité de la comédie-ballet” at the “Modernités/Modernities” conference of six early modern French studies organizations at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, on June 28.

Simon George, Physics and Astronomy, presented an invited talk on Lasers and Holography at the University of Lucknow, India, on Aug. 7. Also, he conducted an invited workshop on the Applications of Lasers and Holography at the International Workshop on Laboratory Innovations in Physics, at Government College, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India, on Aug. 11 and presented an invited lecture and workshop on Lasers and Holography at the International Conference on Physics Education in Tokyo, Japan, on Aug. 15.

Jack Hou, Economics, was recognized with the Dr. Consuelo Nieto Partners for Success Mentor of the Year Award for 2005-06. In an effort to retain and matriculate CSULB’s first-generation students, Partners for Success was founded with the goal of pairing students with mentors. Hou is one of only five cluster leaders and the second-most senior for Partners for Success.

Christine L. Jocoy and Vincent Del Casino, Geography, along with graduate students Fern Nueno and Cyd Schantz, presented “Neoliberal subjectivities, the ‘new’ homelessness, and struggles over spaces of/in the city,” to the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers in Eugene, Ore., in September. In addition, Del Casino served as an invited panelist in the special session, “Grants and grantsmanship: Strategies for funding research in physical and human geography” and chaired a special session on “Where is the social in social and cultural geography in the United States?”

Maulana Karenga, Black Studies, contributed several entries to the Encyclopedia of Black Studies – “Ancient Egyptian Studies Movement,” pp. 93-97; “Black Studies,” pp. 148-151; “Kawaida,” pp. 290-295; “Kwanzaa,” pp. 303-305; “Maat,” pp. 315-318; “Odu Ifa,” pp. 388-390; and “Us,” pp. 459-462.

Jeff Kress and Barry Lavay, Kinesiology, had an article titled “Traveling on the Out BAC: Challenging Children with Disabilities on a Low Ropes Course” published in Palaestra, a quarterly publication designed as a source of information targeting all individuals interested in sport, physical education and recreation involving individuals with disabilities, 22 (2), 20-26; 43.

Joanne Tortorici Luna, Educational Psychology, Administration and Counseling, was selected as the 2006 Volunteer of the Year for Region 11 of the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA). The region encompasses California, Hawaii, and Nevada. NARHA is a national non-profit organization that promotes the benefits of the horse for individuals with physical, emotional and learning disabilities. Also, she saw the publication of her juried book review, “Trauma and Children: The Road Back” published in the Sept. 6 edition of PsycCRITIQUES, the American Psychological Association’s Review of Books. In addition, she reviewed Working With Traumatized Youth in Child Welfare edited by Nancy Boyd Webb.

Ingrid M. Martin, Marketing, presented a paper titled “What Motivates Individuals to Protect Themselves from Risk” at the Marketing and Public Policy Conference held at the Long Beach Westin, June 8-10.

Henry Po, Chemistry and Biochemistry, published a paper titled, “Dimers of and Tautomerism between 2-Pyrimidinethiol and 2(1H)-Pyrimidinethione: A Density Functional (DFT) Study” in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Vol. 110, pp. 7904-7912.

Christine M. Rodrigue, Geography, made two invited presentations in September to the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers in Eugene, Ore. The first was titled “Geography diversity initiatives at California State University, Long Beach: The Geoscience Diversity Enhancement Program,” to the Presidential Plenary Session, then “Geography in a diverse world,” and “Growing geography: A view from ‘The Beach,’” to the “Strategies for healthy departments” special panel session. Also, she was interviewed recently by COLORLINES magazine about differential vulnerability disaster. Rodrigue also was interviewed by the BBC for their “Journey into the Ring of Fire” series.

Victor M. Rodriguez, Chicano and Latino Studies, lectured in Spanish on “Como Tener Exito en la Universidad: Una Perspectiva Latina” (How To Succeed in College: A Latino Perspective) in a special presentation to Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) parents at the University Student Center on April 11. He led two workshops titled “Demographic Snapshot of the Impact of Latinos in the United States” and “Integrating Latino Culture Into Educational Processes” at the Introspectiva: Latino Trends in the 21st Century conference at Minnesota State University held in Moorhead, April 18. He led a series of workshops with Emily Drew from Willamette College, Ore., in “Anti Racist Multiculturalism Across the Curriculum Workshop” also at Minnesota State University, May 16-19. An opinion column in Spanish titled “Dos visiones contrastantes: Los inmigrantes en el contexto de la política y la sociedad norteamericana” appeared in Puerto Rico’s political weekly Claridad, April 6-12. He also wrote two book reviews of American Arrivals: Anthropology Engages the New Immigration edited by Nancy Foner for the Santa Fe, N.M., School of American Research Press, 2003, which appeared in the Journal of American Ethnic History, Winter/Spring, 2006 and another review titled Fluid Borders: Latino Power, Identity and Politics in Los Angeles by Lisa Garcia Bedolla for the Berkeley-based University of California Press in 2005 and another titled Latino Political Power by Kim Geron for the Boulder-based Lynne Rienner Publishers in 2005 which will appear in Latino Studies Journal, Vol. 5, November.

Carolyn C. Shadle, University College and Extension Services, was elected Secretary of the University Continuing Education Associations’ West Region. Also, she made a presentation at their regional conference held Sept. 27-29 in Salt Lake City on “Building a Market-Driven Non-Credit Unit.”

Ray Sumner, Geography, gave a paper titled “Potatoes to poppies in the Apple Isle,” to the September meeting of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers in Eugene, Ore.

Tracy Faye Tolbert, Criminal Justice, edited Themes of the Times for Criminal Justice published by Allyn and Bacon, Pearson Education, Inc. and her first book, The Sex Crime Scenario, was published by the Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co.

Suzanne P. Wechsler, Geography, is lead author (with Charles N. Kroll) of “Quantifying DEM uncertainty and its effect on topographic parameters,” which appeared in the September issue of Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing. Also, she is the sole author of “Uncertainties associated with digital elevation models for hydrologic applications: A review,” which appeared in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions in August.