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Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program Awards Given Out

Published: September 1, 2009

Ten students from CSULB are among the 2009-10 recipients of the CSU Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program awards, which are given in an effort to increase the number of individuals completing doctoral programs, especially those who may be interested in applying and competing for future CSU faculty positions.

The largest program of its kind in the nation, the Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program gave out a total of 74 awards for 2009-10.

This year’s CSULB awardees and their doctoral area of study included Cleddhy R. Arellano (nursing), Anne M. Fitzgerald (nursing), Kristy L. Forsgren (biological sciences), Yuhua “Jake” Liang (organizational communication and communication technologies), Nancy Onetha Meyer (religious studies), Misty Sawatzky (education), Jennifer K. Smith (English/religion), Monica Lynne Tenhunen (nursing) Lisa Vrooman (genetics and cell biology) and Angela Wranic (geography).

The CSU Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program provides financial aid in the form of loans to doctoral students with the motivation, skills and experience needed to teach the diverse student body in the CSU. Individuals who are selected to participate may borrow up to $10,000 annually to a limit of $30,000 over a five-year period while enrolled in full-time doctoral study.

If a participant obtains a full-time instructional faculty position in the CSU, the loan principal and interest are “forgiven” at the rate of 20 percent for each year of service. After five years of full-time CSU faculty service, the entire loan amount can be forgiven.

“Cal State Long Beach had some outstanding candidates this year for the Doctoral Incentive Program, and with 10 recipients from CSULB this year, the Chancellor’s Office obviously felt the same,” said Cecile Lindsay, vice provost and dean for graduate studies. “For these students, this program represents an opportunity for them to realize their dreams of earning their Ph.D.s and becoming a college professor.”

Through August 2008, the CSU Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program has loaned some $40 million to 1,682 doctoral students who have attended nearly 200 universities throughout the nation. Of those recipients, 930 have successfully earned doctoral degrees to date.

Lindsay noted that she knew of two current CSULB faculty members who are graduates of the Doctoral Incentive Program–-Carlos Piar, chair/professor of religious studies, and Jennifer Ostergren, a full-time lecturer in communicative disorders.

The CSU Doctoral Incentive Program gives primary consideration to candidates in fields where CSU campuses anticipate the greatest difficulty in filling potential future instructional faculty positions. Applicants are not required to have attended the CSU, but all must have a CSU faculty advisor. The purpose of this advisory relationship is to support the student in his/her doctoral program and to help the student understand the workings of higher education institution and the faculty labor market specific to particular disciplines.