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Hanson Chosen Campus’ Outstanding Staff Member

Published: June 15, 2009

Training is one key to the success of Staff Human Resources’ Berta Hanson, who was named recently as the campus’ new Outstanding Staff Member.

Hanson, who joined the university in February 1998, believes she brings a special quality to her job –- training. “I am probably the most trained person on campus,” she said. “I schedule workshops, locate trainers for the various workshops, print and collate all the materials used for the session, create the monthly training flier, post workshops on the Web site, attend all the workshops in case there are any technical or other issues and maintain the training data base with all the class and participant information. As the fee waiver coordinator, I process all the staff and dependent fee waivers for staff on our campus and those that either work at or attend other CSU campuses. In the process, I make sure employees are eligible for the benefit, help them to maximize the benefit, and make sure the courses they are taking are covered under the benefit.”

Hanson is humbled by her recognition. “There are quite a few staff members out there who deserve to receive this award,” she said. “I’m very honored that I was chosen.”

The Outstanding Staff Award began in 1995 as a way to recognize those who have made significant contributions to the campus community, above and beyond their normal job duties. This award is especially meaningful because it is an acknowledgement of excellence from peers and colleagues on campus. Recent past Outstanding Staff Members include the Forty-Niner Shops’ Nancy Green in 2008, the College of Engineering’s Vickie Messina in 2007 and the Dance Department’s Jim Long in 2006.

As training coordinator for Staff Human Resources, Hanson has been face-to-face with staff members as part of her campus program of training. One reason for her recognition, she believes, is that she always tries to assist her fellow staff members. “They know if they have a question or a concern, they can come to me and I will help them find the answer,” she said. “Also, I do like to volunteer for things outside of campus. My kids are always complaining that I volunteer too much, and I drag them along for the ride. My philosophy is to try and do one nice thing for someone else every day.”

Since joining the university as an emergency hire in the office that was located at the World Trade Center in downtown Long Beach, Hanson has found Staff Human Resources to be a supportive place to work. “I am very fortunate to have a great supervisor, director and AVP,” she said.

Part of the skill set necessary for her job is an eye for detail. “I think you need to be very proactive and remember the small stuff,” she said. “I like to make sure things are done before someone asks for them. You have to be flexible because you never know what the day will bring, and you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done (as long as it is legal).”

Berta Hanson
Photo by David J. Nelson
Berta Hanson

Hanson has acquired some happy memories after 11 years on campus.

“I am very proud of being involved in the Center for International Trade and Transportation at almost its inception and of coordinating the first two Town Hall meetings,” she said. “I am proud of all of the successful Staff Day celebrations I have been involved with and I am very proud of how much all of the staff on campus accomplishes every day to meet our goal of graduating students.”

Hanson takes advantage of campus resources. “I enjoy the fitness walking — I only wish they offered it before or after work,” she said. “Baseball, softball and basketball are sports I love to watch on campus. My favorite sport is football but we won’t go there.”

When she isn’t helping the university, Hanson enjoys volunteering for Project Achieve, working with the Boy Scouts of America, house restoration, gardening, biking and driving her kids around.

Hanson think her recognition sends a clear message to CSULB staff members everywhere -– “anything is possible!”