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Laurels: March 2009

Published: March 16, 2009

Alan Colburn, Science Education, continued his column, “The Prepared Practitioner,” for the journal The Science Teacher published by The National Science Teachers Association. His latest entry titled “Multiple Choice Season” weighs the pros and cons of multiple choice tests and offers both test-making and test-taking strategies.

Lesley Farmer, ASEC Librarianship Program Coordinator, presented a session on “Teen Girls and Technology” for the California League of High Schools conference in January. In the same month, she also spoke about international connections for library educators at the Association of Library and Information Science Educators conference in Denver.

Boak Ferris, Comparative World Literature and Classics/English, published a juried article titled “The Collected Episodes of Gilgamesh: Epic or Gospel?” in Genre, Vol. 27, released in January.

Brian Finney, English, recently saw his chapter titled “Furious Simulation or Simulated Fury: Salman Rushdie’s ‘Fury’ (2001)” published in Rushdie the Novelist: From ‘Grimus’ to ‘The Enchantress of Florence,’ ed. Meenakshi Bharat, Pencraft International, 2008.

Steve Fleck, Romance/German/Russian Languages and Literatures, published an article titled “Molière’s Revolutionary Dramaturgy” in the Comparative Drama Conference’s annual volume, Text & Presentation.

Wendy Griffin, Women’s Studies, gave the keynote address at the Conference on Contemporary Pagan Studies at Claremont Graduate University held Feb. 7-8. Titled “What Would Janus Do,” the talk looked at the history and future of contemporary pagan studies.

Maulana Karenga, Africana Studies, published an article titled “The Moral Anthropology of Marcus Garvey: In the Fullness of Ourselves,” Journal of Black Studies, 39, 2 (November) 2008, pp. 166-193. He also gave a series of Kwanzaa lectures including “Kwanzaa and the Seven Principles: Repairing and Renewing the World” at the Kwanzaa Cooperative’s Annual Kwanzaa Celebration, Philadelphia, Dec. 27; the National Association of Kawaida Organization’s Annual Kwanzaa Program, Brooklyn, Dec. 28; the Buffalo Kwanzaa Committee’s Annual Celebration, Buffalo, New York, Dec. 29; and the African-Newark International Kwanzaa Celebration, Newark, Dec. 30. He also received several awards including the Proclamation of Dr. Maulana Karenga Day, City of Buffalo; Executive Chamber, City of Buffalo, Mayor Byron Brown Citation for Creation of Kwanzaa and Other Intellectual and Leadership Achievements, as well as several awards and citations for the Creation of Kwanzaa, Intellectual Achievements and Service from the Mayor and City of Newark, Essex County, State Assembly of New Jersey and the Representative of the 10th Congressional District, Hon. Donald M. Payne.

Karen Kerr, Staff Human Resources, presented a workshop titled “Integrating Active Learning Strategies into a Career Exploration Class” with CSU Fullerton’s Lea Beth Lewis at the 25th annual International Career Development Conference held in Los Angeles.

Joanne Tortorici Luna, Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling, recently became a licensed psychologist in the U.S. Previous to coming to CSULB, Tortorici Luna had practiced as a psychologist abroad for many years.

José Sánchez-H., Film and Electronic Arts, collaborated with the Academy Film Archive of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival on the creation a new 35mm print of Mario Soffici’s film “Encounter on the Border (Cita en la frontera, 1940).” “Encounter on the Border” is considered to be Libertad Lamarque’s best-known Argentine film. The film was presented at the Egyptian Theatre as part of the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival on Sept. 14.

Clifton Snider, English, has a poem, “St. Anthony’s Church,” published in the anthology Poetic Voices Without Borders 2, edited by Robert L. Giron (Gival Press, 2009). The poem was first published in Chiron Review.

William Straits and Susan Gomez-Zwiep, Science Education, saw the publication of their article titled “Better Multiple-Choice Assessments” in the National Science Teachers Association’s College Science Teachers Guide to Assessment. This book chapter offers practical suggestions for creating effective multiple-choice assessments. Straits also saw his chapter titled “Varied Assessment: A Brief Introduction,” written with colleague R. Russell Wilke of Angelo State University, published in this same volume. This second chapter offers suggestions for expanding the range of assessment options available to college science teachers.

Terry Witkowski, Marketing, published “General Book Store in Chicago, 1938-1947: Linking Neighborhood to Nation” in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing 1 (1) 2009, pp. 93-121. He also published an editor’s introduction “Marketing History at the Center: Papers from the 2007 CHARM” in the Journal of Macromarketing 29 (March) 2009, pp. 5-6.