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Author of the Month: Corey Holst

Published: June 15, 2012

Defender of the North

Corey Holst, Theatre Arts

It has been two years since simple cobbler James Hoade was knighted by the future king. It has also been two years since he married the love of his life and became the Lord of Loxley, all which took place in Corey Holst’s first novel Defender of the Realm. Now Hoade and his wife, Elena, have had a son and their new life is just beginning to feel normal. But England is threatening to tear itself apart from within. Alliances form to remove King Henry II from the throne while he struggles to keep his kingdom united, including the western provinces of France that fell under English rule when he married the headstrong Eleanor of Aquitaine. All of this is of little consequence to James since Loxley is of no strategic importance and far from the reaches of invasion. But much of England’s nobility is incensed that a merchant is now supposed to be considered their equal and the time has come for them to show him his true place in the world. James is ordered to head north and stop Scotland’s King William from reclaiming Northumberland. Defender of the North is the sequel to Holst’s first novel, Defender of the Realm. In an age of castles and knights, Hoade must, once again, prove himself worthy. Join James, Allyn and Stephen as the adventure of a lifetime continues. Holst is now in his 26th year on campus, the last 22 in the Theater Arts Department, where he is in charge of the scene shop and builds scenery for all the productions. More information can be found on his website at

Author of the Month: Corey Holst