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Benefits Services Announcements

Published: September 15, 2011

CalPERS Computer System Upgrade
and Availability During Implementation

CalPERS is consolidating 49 different computer systems into one new integrated system this September. This new system will streamline many CalPERS processes as well as decrease dependency on paper documents. During the system conversion period, Sept. 2-18, some services may be unavailable and business transactions may take longer to process. Telephone and regional office wait times may also increase. For the most up-to-date information regarding the CalPERS computer system conversion and the availability of services, go to

Upcoming 2011 Open Enrollment Period

The 2011 Benefits Open Enrollment period will be held from Oct. 10 through Nov. 4. The deadline to submit open enrollment requests is Oct. 27. Detailed plan information, premium rates for 2012, and the Benefits Enrollment Worksheet to request changes will be provided early October. A campus health benefits fair will be held in October on a date to be announced.

CalPERS 2011 Web-Based
Open Enrollment Health Fair

In addition to the planned campus health benefits fair in October, CalPERS will provide a web-based Virtual Health Fair during the Open Enrollment period. The webinar will provide the opportunity to receive information from expert representatives from the CSU health plans; offer on-demand video and downloadable materials regarding the 2012 health plans; and provide convenient 24/7 access from home, or office. The webinar can be accessed beginning Sept. 1 via the CalPERS website.

For more information, contact Benefits Services at 562/985-2381, or visit its website.

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CalPERS computer system conversion and the availability information website

Calpers website

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