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Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award Given To Sciortino

Published: July 15, 2011

Antonella Sciortino
Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management

Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Management’s Antonella Sciortino received her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with an emphasis on hydraulic engineering from the Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy. She was the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship in 1996 and received her Ph.D. in civil engineering from UCLA in 1999.

In her teaching, Sciortino always promotes critical thinking.

“In engineering classes, I start with an overview of the basic principles in non-mathematical terms and real-life examples,” said Sciortino, who has been with the university since 2004. “Then I introduce the physical principles and derive the governing equations. This is always followed by applications of the equations to solve actual engineering problems and design.”

Her classes may be rigorous but she always rewards her students.

“I have high standards for passing, especially for classes such as Fluid Mechanics and Statics that are prerequisites for more advanced classes. However, as I believe that a professor is there to help the students to succeed, I work with them both in and out of class.”

Antonella Sciorino

Sciortino provides students with the tools necessary to be successful in their professional careers. She stresses the importance of developing communication skills and, in her graduate Research Method class, she teaches them how to write successful proposals.

Throughout her career, Sciortino has been recognized both within the university and in the professional community at large. As the recipient of the 2009 Northrop Grumman Excellence in Teaching Award, she was acknowledged by all of her colleagues as a superior teacher-scholar in the College of Engineering. She received the 2010 Distinguished Engineering Educator Award of the American Society of Civil Engineers of Orange County and in 2006 she was selected as Faculty of the Year by the CSULB Associated Engineering Student Body.

–Richard Manly