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California State University, Long Beach
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Thesis and Dissertation Office - Find a Manuscript


Find a Thesis 

  • To locate the printed copy of a CSULB Thesis in the Library, search COAST by author or by title
  • To identify theses written at CSULB by subject or by department, use the keyword search in COAST (e.g., long beach thesis and social work).
  • If you are a current member of the CSULB community, you can also search CSULB theses published since 1973 via our Dissertations and Theses database. CSULB theses published since 1997 are available for free downloading (full text) via this database. CSULB theses published prior to 1997 can be purchased through the Dissertations and Theses database or can be viewed in print in the Library.
  • If you are not a current member of the CSULB community, you can access full text versions of CSULB theses published since 2009 via the ProQuest PQDT Open Access database. Be aware that there is a period of about six weeks between the delivery of the manuscript to ProQuest and its online availability. Also, the thesis author may set up an embargo of six months to two years that prohibits public access to a document during the embargo. To access a CSULB thesis published in 2008 or earlier, you should ask your own library to request the thesis through Interlibrary Services or you can go to the ProQuest dissertations website and purchase a copy.


Congratulations to 2013 Outstanding Thesis Award winners!

May your achievement inspire all upcoming thesis authors!

College of Health and Human Services

Michael K. Jules, Master of Social Work - Veteran Health Liaison "VHL": A Health Liaison Program for Veterans (Outstanding Project Award)

Emma Laskey, Master of Science in Nutritional Science - Plasma Glucagon During the Development of Insulin Resistance Among Healthy Individuals

Annie Petteys, Master of Science in Nursing - Effects of Neonatal Palliative Care Consultation on Parental Stress of Parents in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

College of Liberal Arts

Julie M. Rivett, Master of Arts in Communication Studies - Heroes of Hollywood's Left Tribe: Analysis of the Memorials for Adrian Scott, John Howard Lawson, and Albert Maltz 

Maral Sahebjame, Master of Arts in Anthropology - Marriage: An Authentic Iranian Experience of the Modern

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 

Lindsay Darjany, Master of Science in Biology - Characterization of Salt Marsh Microbial and Invertebrate Carbon Cyclers Using Stable Isotope Approaches

Paul Day, Master of Science in Geology - Geology and Seismic Potential of the Hustain Fault, Tov Province, Mongolia

Nen Huynh, Master of Science in Applied Mathematics - A Filter Bank Approach to Automate Vessel Extraction with Applications

Susan F. Magdziarz, Master of Science in Science Education (Informal Science Education) - Examining Participation in a Dolphin Observation Citizen Science Program

Eric Muckley, Master of Science in Physics - Optimization of Film Morphology for the Performance of Organic Thin Film Solar Cells

James Yano, Master of Science in Biochemistry - Cellular Localization of CKLFSF3 in Rat Macrophages

College of the Arts

Silvia Carluccio, Master of Arts in Musicology - "Fitter Happier": The Psychological Effects of Fame on the Creative Process


2012 Outstanding Thesis Award winners

College of Health and Human Services

Lair Ky, Master of Social Work - Southeast Asian Women's Attitudes Toward Completing Advance Directives

Jennifer Sammons, Master of Science in Nursing - Perceived Benefits of and Barriers to Physical Exercise in People with Severe Mental Illness

College of Liberal Arts

Mohammad Amer Ghazal, Master of Arts in History - Medicine, Merchants, and Materia Medica: The Connected World of the Medieval Islamicate Mediterranean

Sheridan Wright Kennedy, Master of Arts in Geography - The 1878 Yellow Fever Epidemic in Memphis, Tennessee: An Historical Geographic Information Systems (HGIS) Approach

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Sara Afshar, Master of Science in Geology - High Resolution Windows into Abrupt and Millennial-Scale Changes in Climate and Ocean Since the Mid-Pleistocene Transition, Santa Barbara Basin, California

Jill Grace, Master of Science in Science Education (Secondary Science Education) - Impact of a Targeted Laboratory and Laboratory Instructor Intervention on Student Understanding of Evolution in a Majors General Biology Course

Jorge Guerra, Master of Science in Physics - Trap Depth Dependence on Deposition Temperature in Copper Phthalocyanine Thin Films from Photocurrent

Kerri Loke, Master of Science in Biology - Reproductive  Potential of the Protogynous Telost, California Sheephead (Semicossyphus pulcher) at Nine Populations Across Southern California

Karen Lopez, Master of Science in Applied Statistics - Specification of Sex-Specific Molecular Biomarkers

Arti Patel, Master of Science in Biochemistry - Conformational Studies of the Lipoprotein Binding Domain of Apolipoprotein E

College of the Arts

Tracy Teran, Master of Arts in Art History - Freelance: A Felipe Ehrenberg Monograph