Scantron Scanners on Campus

Scantron Model 888P+ Test Scoring Scanners

Scantron loans and maintains the 888P+ test scoring scanners located in the departments and colleges throughout the campus. In turn, the bookstore reciprocates by purchasing the necessary number of Scantron forms, which are bought by the students (~35¢ each). Popular forms include the 815-E, 882-E, 882-E LOVAS, 886-E LOVAS and the item analysis form 9700. (Departments are not required to buy forms.)

The Scantron Model 888P+ is an optical mark reader (OMR) and is fast (scores 2000 tests per hour). It is a stand-alone machine and is not connected to any computer or printer.

888P+ Scanner Campus Locations

The list below identifies the 27 Scantron 888P+ locations on campus. When a scanner needs maintenance, please ask the contact person to call Scantron at 1-800-824-2023.

Art FA4-109B Cherlyn Comer 5-7909
Asian and Asian American Studies FO3-340 Hallway Michelle Seales-Kaestner 5-4645
Biological Sciences HSCI-108 Noah Kelly 5-4806
Biological Sciences MLSC-124 Denise DeGrazia 5-5368
Business CBA-368 Jacqueline Kuenz 5-5698
Chemistry and Biochemistry HSCI-370 Irma Sanchez 5-4941
Chicano and Latino Studies FO3-300 Hallway Espie Contreras 5-4644
Communication Studies AS-318 Nancy Comito 5-4301
Comparative World Literature and Classics MHB-517 Gretchen Dinger 5-4239
Computer Engineering and Computer Science ECS-537 Karyl Anthony 5-4285
Economics SS/PA-361A Diane Stein 5-5061
Education ED2-160A Dale Short 5-9307
Family and Consumer Sciences FCS-006 Bonnie Rice 5-4484
Film and Electronic Arts UTC-103 Donna Thomas 5-5404
Geography PH1-210 Maggie Munoz-Perez 5-8432
Geological Sciences HSCI-322 Margaret Costello 5-4809
Health Science HHS2-112 Karen Miyahara 5-8069
History F02-103 Cris Hernandez 5-4431
Human Development PSY-205 Wendy Lopez 5-4344
Kinesiology HHS2-101 Hallway Stacia Ticer 5-8066
Music UMC-405 Alex Rambo 5-4786
Philosophy MHB-920 Kaz Mogi 5-4331
Physical Therapy  ET-115B Gloria Dacanay  5-4024
Physics and Astronomy PH1-210 Irene Howard 5-7925
Political Science SS/PA 257 Amelia Marquez 5-4705
Psychology PSY-106 Sheri Hale 5-5001
Sociology PSY-145 Kim Glick 5-4602
Social Work SS/PA 161 Debbie Repp 5-4616

If you have any questions, please contact Stafford Cox. His office is in LA1-107. Enter through AV Services and ask for Stafford.