ParScore in Library

ParScore Scoring and Gradebook Workstation

ParScore provides an integrated system for scoring tests, building a gradebook, and printing statistical reports using a SCANTRON optical reader.  For example, instructors run their students' test sheets through the Scantron machine which will gather the test data into statistical reporting formats. The system is supportive of instructor exam analysis and student exam record keeping.

Accounts and Contact

Users must have an account established on the ParScore workstation. Contact Stafford Cox, (562) 985-7801 (Library, Lower Level, Room 11) to request a ParScore account.  A copy of the ParScore User’s Manual is available upon request.


ParScore is housed in the University Library, Lower Level, room 17.  Select this "How-To" link to access video instruction help pages.[new window]

ParScore requires specific Scantron forms. The most popular are listed below.

Form Title

No. of Items

No. of Choices 

Form Number  

Student Enrollment Sheet (Red)



Sample of F-288-PAR-L

Test Sheet (Red)



Sample of F-289-PAR-L

Student Enrollment Sheet with Mini-Blue Book (Purple)



Sample of F-1712-PAR-L

Test Sheet 8000 (Green)



Sample of X-101864-PAR-L





To view the individual forms, click on the form number.