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Diabetes Self-Management among Latinos in Long Beach

The overall goal of this study is to determine the most urgent factors and effective strategies to improve Type 2 Diabetes self-management among Latino adults receiving services in community clinics in Long Beach. The research study uses of a mixed-methods approach (quantitative and qualitative) including focus groups and survey data collection. The focus group setting will allow for in-depth discussion of personal experiences with barriers related to diabetes self-management behaviors. Gathering data from survey instruments will allow for analyses of socio-demographics, psychosocial and comorbid chronic conditions that may contribute to poor diabetes control.

Diabetes Self-Management components chart - regular health care, Know ABCs, Medication adherence, Emotional welbeeing, Healthful diet, Physical activity

For information about participating in the study contact: Melawhy Garcia at 

Community Partners

TCC Family Health

Diabetes Self-Management Staff


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Melawhy Garcia, MPH, PhD
Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor, Health Science
Co-Director, Center for Latino
Community Health

Research Assistants

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Wilma Figueroa
Research Assistant
Health Science

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Janet Ortiz
ÁNDALE Scholar
Health Science