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Picture 21: Chris Lowe, Brad Wetherbee, and Carl Meyer tagging tiger sharks at French Frigate Shoals, Hawaii (2000). This research is funded by National Geographic Society, NMFS, and US Fish & Wildlife.








Picture 22: Brad Wetherbee, Josh Wetherbee, Chris and Gwen Lowe, the shark tagging crew on Midway Island (2001). We were there tagging tiger and Galapagos shark as well as giant trevally.




Picture 23: The entire CSULB Shark Lab out doing a beach seine for round stingrays at Seal Beach.




Picture 24: Greg Hoisington and Marc Hardy measuring and tagging a stingray collected at Seal Beach. Greg (seen at the right) is determining differences in ray distribution near the San Gabriel River outfall.



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