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Picture 1: Shark Lab at CSULB in 1970. Don Nelson had just joined the faculty and had set up several tanks outside the lab to hold sharks for various projects.





Picture 2: Don Nelson diving down to tag a silky shark at the “Tongue of the Ocean” off the Bahamas in 1970. This was part of the famous acoustic attraction experiments Don and colleagues conducted to quantify the hearing abilities of sharks.








Picture 3a: Dick Johnson setting up his experimental room to determine whether horn shark have circadian rhythms (1970).





Picture 3b: picture of a horn shark swimming through the activity sensing bars.



Picture 4: Divers (Dick Johnson and Don Nelson) preparing for a dive at Ship Rock off Catalina to observe diel behaviors of horn sharks in the field. The research vessel “Prionace” was built by Don and his students for use in their shark research off Long Beach (1971).



Picture 5: Picture of gray reef sharks circling a hydrophone speaker at Enewetak during acoustic playback experiments (1971).


Picture 6a: Dick Johnson towing the SOB - Shark Observation Board at Enewetak (1970).


Picture 6b: Observers would lay on top of the SOB to safely observe the gray reef sharks being attracted to the hydrophone.






Picture 7: Tim Tricas, part of the Enewetak team, holding open the jaws of a large tiger shark (1976).



Picture 8a: Jeff Landsman (1978) holding a pop-up radio/acoustic transmitter for blue sharks.





Picture 8b: A blue shark with a pop-up radio/acoustic transmitter at the surface. These were the tags that Jeff used to track blue sharks for his Master’s research.



Picture 9: Don Nelson with a scalloped hammerhead shark off El Bajo Seamount, La Paz (1978).





Picture 10: Don Nelson showing off the SOS II – Shark Observation Submersible at Enewetak. The SOS II was designed and built by Don and his students and was used for gray reef shark agonistic display experiments in 1978.


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