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Picture 11: James N. McKibben tracking gray reef sharks at Enewetak in 1978. This research was part of Jim’s Masters research.







Picture 12: Don Nelson and Pete Klimley viewing video tapes of hammerhead schools at a seamount off La Paz. This research was part of Pete’s Ph.d. research (1980).









Picture 13: Larry Smith and Jim McKibben running experiments to test chemical repellents on swell sharks at the CSULB Shark Lab in 1981. These experiments were part of Larry’s Masters research.






Picture 14: Bob Johnson, Andy Stull and Don Nelson conducting field tests of chemical shark repellents in the Catalina Channel (1983).



Picture 15: Joe Sisneros, Don Nelson, Rodney Fox and Eugenie Clark in the CSULB Shark Lab watching Joe’s experiments on chemical shark repellents (1991). This was filmed for an IMAX film on sharks. Unfortunately, this was one of Don’s last film debuts prior to his death in 1997.




Picture 16: The renovated CSULB Shark Lab under Chris Lowe’s management (1999). The legacy of shark research at CSULB carries on with a new generation of researchers.




Picture 17: Chris Lowe with a tagged gray reef shark and acoustic monitor at Bikini Atoll (2000). This trip was for a Discovery Channel live broadcast called “Live from the Shark Cage” with Al Giddings.




Picture 18: Graduate student, Megan Marcotte, conducting her electro repulsion experiments in Hawaii (2000). This research is part of Megan’s Master’s research.





Picture 19: Undergraduate student, Tiffany Royal, measuring the metabolic rates of round stingrays in the CSULB Shark Lab (2000).




Picture 20: Graduate student, Yannis Papastamatiou, measuring the gastric pH of a juvenile scalloped hammerhead shark in Hawaii (2000). This research is part of Yannis’ Masters work.



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