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Setting up the Quiz Layout


Setting the Questions Per Page:

  1. From within a quiz, click on the Properties tab.
  2. In the Quiz Questions section, set how many questions are displayed per page by typing the desired value in the Questions Per Page entry box and clicking Apply.
  3. To manually insert a page break in the quiz, click on the small gray arrow between the questions where you want the page break to be. The gray arrow and line will turn blue, indicating the page break.
  4. Click Save Quiz.

Tip: Using a small number of questions per page reduces page load time.  per page

Creating Bonus Quiz Questions

Bonus quiz questions can be created from the Properties tab while editing your quiz, or from the Add/Edit Question page. From either location:

  1. Click the Edit Values button.
  2. Check the box in the Bonus column beside the questions you want to assign a bonus value.
  3. Click Save (not Save Quiz). 

The selected questions will now display a green check mark in the Bonus column.

The bonus value is equal to the point value assigned to that quiz question.

Marking Questions as Mandatory

If you mark a question Mandatory, users cannot submit the quiz until they have attempted to answer the question.

  1. On the Layout/Questions tab, click the Edit Values button. 
  2. Select the Mandatory check box beside the questions you want to force users to answer.
  3. Click Save (not Save Quiz). 

The selected questions will now display a green check mark in the Mandatory column. 


  • If a quiz is set to automatically submit after a time limit, it is submitted even if mandatory questions have not been completed.
  • Mandatory questions cannot be used in conjunction with the Prevent Moving Backwards setting.

Prevent Moving Backwards Through a Quiz

You can prevent users from returning to previous pages as they complete a quiz, so that they can only move forward until they reach the end of the quiz.

  1. On the Properties tab, click the gray lines between questions to divide your quiz into pages 
  2. Select the Prevent moving backwards through pages check box. 
  3. Click Save Quiz.  

Note: This setting cannot be used if your quiz has any mandatory questions.