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Importing Quiz Questions


Importing Quiz Questions From a Publisher

If you want to upload your Quiz from a publisher’s CD or exam-creation program:

  1. From the file menu in your publisher's exam creation program, choose Export. Select IMS QTI or just QTI as the format and this creates a zip archive which can be saved to your own computer.
  2. To import zip file into D2L, go to your course. Click on Edit Course > Import/Export/Copy Components.
  3. Browse to the zip file saved on your computer and upload it to D2L. DO NOT try to import into the Question Library directly from the zip file.

Importing Quiz Questions From a Text File

Quiz questions can be created offline using BeachBoard’s text format file. Follow the steps below to access a template for creating the text file or to upload an existing text file you have already created your questions offline using the template and want to use them to populate the question library.

Import a Quiz Question From a Text File

  1. Select the Quizzes link on your course home navigation bar. 
  2. Click on the Question Library link beneath the navbar on the Quiz page.
  3. From within the question library, click the Import button. 
  4. From the Import Source drop-down list, select From a Desire2Learn Text Format File. 
  5. If you simply want to download the text file to begin creating your questions, select the CSV Sample File link and Save the file on your computer.
  6. To upload a question file you have already completed, click Browse and locate the file you want upload to the question library. Click Open.
  7. Click Save.

Importing Questions From Respondus or Basic Course Import

Respondus is a software application commonly used to create questions offline. When using this software to import your questions into Learning Environment, the following tips might be useful to you:

Within the Respondus application, and before opening an existing quiz or starting a new one, ensure you select the “IMS QTI Personality” from the Current Personality drop-down list under the Start tab.
*If you are attempting to convert an existing Respondus file from WebCT or Blackboard, you must convert it to QTI before importing it into Learning Environment. You should save this new file under a new file name if you want to keep the quiz file under the original personality for future use.