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Grading a Quiz

You are presented with four options for grading quizzes:

  • Have the system grade automatically upon completion (check the box next to Automatic Grade under Properties when creating/editing a quiz. See "Creating or Editing Quizzes")
  • Grading a Quiz by User
  • Grading a Quiz by Attempt
  • Grading a Quiz by Question

To access the last three, from the main Quizzes page, click the Grade icon next to the quiz you want to grade. 

The options Users, Attempts, and Questions are displayed in tabs near the top of the page. By selecting the appropriate tab, you have the ability to grade by either users, attempts or questions.


Grading a Quiz by User

By selecting Display Options near the top of the page, you can change the following display options:

  • ID - displays the users’ student IDs beside their name
  • Quiz Score - displays the grade beside users’ names
  • Percent - displays the percent beside users’ names
  • Completed - displays date and time the quiz was completed
  • Allow Reset - allows you to reset users’ grades - if you check this box, a delete icon will appear beside the users’ attempts 

Below Display Options is the Search For section where you can search for a user by first name, last name, and user ID. The Restrict to option allows you to restrict your list and searches by All users, All users who have not taken an attempt, Users who have completed an attempt, Users with attempts in progress, Users with an overall score, and Users who have previewed an attempt. The default is Users who have completed an attempt, so the list of users below will only include those users. To see all users in the course, select All users from the Restrict to drop-down and then click Search.  

The list of users below the search area can be sorted by Last Name or First Name by clicking on the desired option. All attempts for a user are listed under their names. To the right of each attempt, if the display options are selected, are the date and time the attempt was completed, score, percentage, and if the attempt has been graded.

To Grade a User's Attempt:

  1. Click on the attempt you wish to grade (example: attempt 1). The user's entire attempt will be displayed including: user information, when the user took the quiz, the Quizzes Event Log, the user's overall quiz score, all quiz questions and answer options, the user’s answers, the correct answers, and user's score per question.
  2. Overall quiz feedback can be left for the user by typing in the Attempt Comments text field.
  3. For each question: if a user’s answer is correct it appears with a green check mark and if it is wrong it displays with an red X with a blue arrow pointing to the correct answer.
  4. If you want to override an existing auto-grade or provide a score for an ungraded question, enter a value in the Score text field.
  5. You can give the user feedback on any individual question by clicking Expand question feedback below the question and typing your comment in the text box provided.
  6. After you have finished manually grading the quiz, click the Re-Calculate button near the top.
  7. Finally, click the Save button to save the new score and feedback.

Grading a Quiz by Attempt

Grading by attempt is very similar to grading by user. The only difference is in how the attempts are displayed and how they can be searched. You can search through attempts by first name, last name, and ID, and restrict the search results by all attempts, attempts within a certain number of days, attempts in progress, and preview attempts. You can also restrict by graded and/or ungraded attempts, attempts within a certain score range, and attempts submitted before or after a certain date.

As with grading a quiz by users, the list of attempts can be rearranged based on user first or last name by clicking on the desired option. If the display options are set, the date and time the attempt was completed, the score, and whether or not the attempt was graded.

Click on the quiz attempt you want to grade and follow the instructions laid out under "To grade a user's attempt:" in Grade a quiz by Users section.

Grading a Quiz by Question

Click the Questions tab to view quiz responses and grade the quiz by question. Grading by question allows you to easily correct mistakes that might have occurred during the initial set up of quiz questions simply by overriding the original grade for that question.

For example, perhaps an error was made when creating a multiple choice question and users who completed the quiz received a point value of 0 for a question for which they really should have received a point value of 1. Grading by question will allow you to override grades for all users at once, instead of individually updating each quiz attempt. You can also enter additional comments all users can see when they view their quiz report.

Select the Update All Attempts option and then click on a question title to view statistics on and/or re-grade that question for all attempts.

Grading Types 

Within the question analysis page, there are several options available for grading under the Grading Type area:

  1. The Give to all attempts option allows you to award points to all users who received the question on their quiz, regardless of what they answered. Simply type the desired point value in the text field.
  2. The Give to attempts with answer (#) option allows you to award a specific value for only a specific response.

    For example, if the correct answer to a question was A (Option 1), however, the correct answer was incorrectly marked as B (Option 2) when the question was created, you can award those who answered Option 1 with 1 point and those who answered Option 2 with 0 points to correct the error. Or, if the correct answer was correctly marked as A (Option 1), but you later wanted to award points to those who answered B (Option 2), you would give to attempts with answer B a specified point value.
  3. Click Save when you have completed your changes.

    grading type

Note: Any modifications made to the grading of the quiz question is logged. The log will document the date, time, username, and action taken for each change to quiz grading.