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Creating Quiz Sections

You can create quiz sections to organize your questions into folders. This can be done in the Question Library or during the creation of a new quiz (in the Layout/Questions tab by clicking Add/Edit Questions). Both of these areas are identical in functionality: one creates folders within the Question Library, while the other creates folders within a quiz.

Note: It is now possible to import sections from the Question Library directly into a quiz, survey, or self assessment. When you import a section, the section folder and any properties associated with the section (section name, messages, images, or feedback) are imported.

You can still import all of the questions within a section separate from the section itself, or you can use section properties from within a quiz, by creating the section from the Layout/Questions tab within a quiz and clicking Add/Edit Questions.

Creating a Section From within a Quiz

  1. Under the Properties tab, click Add/Edit Questions.

    add edit questions
  2. From the New drop-down list, select Section.
  3. In the New Section page, type the name of your section in the Section Name field.
  4. Type a Message (optional). This message can be displayed to users at the beginning of the section if you include the section in a quiz.
  5. Type Private Comments (optional). These comments are for your personal use and view only.
  6. Add an image to the section, if applicable. Click Add a File select the image you want to use. This image can be used at the beginning of the section, or repeated before each question in the section (refer to step 8).
  7. Set your Display Options:
    • Check Show section name to have the section name displayed in quizzes that contain this section.
    • Check Insert a line break after section name to insert some extra space below the section name when displayed in a quiz.
    • Check Display message and image to display the text you typed in the Message text field and the image you specified in step 7 in quizzes.
      • Select Display section message and image once to display these items once at the beginning of the section, 
      • Select Repeat section message and image before each question to repeat both the message and image before each question in the section.

        display options in creating quizzes
        Note: These fields are only applicable if you are creating a section within a quiz (not in the Question Library).
  8. Type Section Feedback to add comments to the section. This feature allows you to leave feedback for an entire section when grading the quiz*
  9. Click Save.

Example Scenario: You want to create a quiz in which the first five questions all refer to the same diagram, and you want to repeat the diagram before each question. To do this you can simply create a section that contains the first five questions, add the image (as in step 7 above), and set the Display Options for the section to “Display message and image” and select “repeat section message and image before each questions.” Note that this will also repeat any text in the Message field before all of the questions.