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Creating a Quiz that Randomizes Sections

Inserting a random section into a quiz ensures that each user will receive a unique set of questions. The random section pulls from a designated pool of questions stored in the Question Library. It is important to note that you must import questions that have already been created elsewhere into a random section; you cannot create questions within the random section, nor can you move questions into this section

After selecting the questions from the library, you can specify how many questions from the random question pool each user should see. The random section will then randomly select this number of questions for each user that takes the quiz. This feature guarantees that each user will receive a unique quiz with different questions.

You must create a quiz before adding a random set of questions. Since random sections can only contain questions from the question library, it is important that you create questions in the Question Library before you create a quiz. If you created your questions in a quiz you must import them into the Question Library. You can then import the questions into the random section folder. There are no limits to the number or type of questions in a random quiz.


Creating a Random Section Folder

  1. Make sure the questions you want to randomize are in the Question Library.
  2. Make sure that the questions you want to randomize are NOT already in your quiz. This process will not work if they are in the quiz before creating a random section folder. If they are already in your quiz, Import Quiz Questions into the Question Library, and then please delete them from the quiz before proceeding.
  3. Select the quiz you want to add random questions to.
  4. Click Add/Edit Questions.
  5. From the Section drop-down list, choose Random Section and click Go
  6. Enter a Section Name (for example, “random short answers”).
  7. Optional: Add a message to be displayed with the section (for example “The next five questions will involve the Biology and Chemistry unit”).
  8. Check any applicable Display Options and click Save
  9. A purple folder displays in the list of questions/sections for your quiz. Click on the purple folder's name you just created.

    Purple folder random section
  10. Click the Import button.

    import button
  11. From the Source Section drop-down list, choose the Section you want to import questions from or if you do not have any sections choose Collection Root to view a list of all questions in the Question Library.
    • Sections are manually created ahead of time. It is recommended that you organize your questions using sections. 

      collection root
  12. Check the questions you want to include in the random section. You can automatically select all the questions in one section by checking the box beside the desired folder.
  13. Click Save. The questions are now included in the random section folder.

    exam question checklist
  14. Type the number of questions you want each user to see from the random section for each quiz attempt in the box next to Question per attempt.
  15. Type in the how many points you want each question to be worth in the box next to Points each.
  16. Click Save.

Note: All questions in one random section must have the same point value.