The Campaign for California State University, Long Beach

What will you declare?

Building on six decades of success, California State University, Long Beach is embarking on its first major fundraising campaign. As the campaign enters its public phase, we hope you will be moved to DECLARE your support for its three main "pillars":


encompasses programmatic innovation and other long-term growth opportunities. Our focus is on initiatives that will help us attract the most accomplished faculty and coaches, expand discovery-focused instruction, create new centers of excellence, and enhance the learning environment for students at all levels.

Professor of Anthropology
Leads Students Yearly To Easter Island To Solve Its Mysteries,
As seen on Nova and in National Geographic Magazine

Unequaled Access

means increasing access to CSULB and assuring the success of admitted students. As we seek to improve graduation rates and ensure timely progress toward degree attainment, we must also continue to emphasize high academic standards and uphold our record for having one of the lowest debt loads in the country for graduating students.

Dance Major

A Greater Community

includes ventures that benefit both campus and community. CSULB is part of the fabric of life in and around Long Beach, and we seek to build on this momentum by securing funding for innovative global and local partnerships, new and upgraded athletics and arts facilities, and other high-impact, high-priority projects.

Elementary School Teacher
White House Champion of Change Honoree
B.A, M.A, Teaching Credentials
1990, 1992, 2007

This is a roadmap to our future.

Our success tomorrow depends on your interest and involvement today. On your willingness to raise your voice and DECLARE. More than just a campaign moniker, DECLARE is an enthusiastic assertion of confidence in and accord with the mission and values of CSULB. It is, in a sense, an attitude. And its adoption will continue to benefit our students, our campus, and our community long after the final campaign tallies are totaled.