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Guidelines for Advisors

GWAR Pathways in the Academic Requirements Report (ARR)

Exciting changes in the GWAR program are being implemented to help students develop their academic writing skills. Beginning in Fall 2016, the GWAR pathways include completion of a General Education Writing Intensive (WI) capstone course to satisfy the GWAR. This new step in the GWAR appears in students' Academic Requirements Report along with the other steps in the GWAR pathways. You will find detailed information about the requirements for students who enrolled or reenrolled either before or after Fall 2016 on the Student information page.

Also beginning in Fall 2016, the GWAR Placement Exam (GPE) replaces the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE). All students, regardless of their enrollment dates, who have not taken the placement test prior to fall 2016, will be required to take the GPE. WPE scores attained by students who took the test prior to fall 2016 will continue to be used for placement purposes, and students who completed the WPE are not required to complete the GPE. Students are permitted to take the GPE only once. Students' can view their GPE scores by logging in to the MyCSULB homepage, and then opening the Test Score Summary link. For information about the writing placement test go to the Testing website or contact

The Academic Requirements Report (ARR) now includes the GWAR pathways. When students take the GPE, their GWAR pathway is displayed in the ARR found on the drop-down menu on students' MyCSULB homepage. This means that advisors can now quickly determine the remaining steps in students' GWAR pathway and help them progress through the pathway more promptly.

It is imperative for timely degree completion that students make steady progress toward fulfilling the GWAR. Therefore, students with scores lower than 11 on the GPE are required to begin the appropriate GWAR pathway within two semesters of taking the test. These students must enroll in an appropriate pathway course each semester until they are deemed ready to take the General Education writing intensive capstone course or they have satisfied the GWAR. Registration may be prevented for students not complying with timely completion of the GWAR requirement by placing a hold on their registration.

Students must contact GWAR eAdvising by email at to have the hold lifted.

GWAR Course Sections for International & Returning Students

English 301B classes for international students through CCPE are no longer available because of CSU policy. 

GWAR Policies

The Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) Policy (PDF) was recommended by the Academic Senate on October 4, 2012 and approved by the president on December 20, 2012.