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Roundtable Chair Volunteer

Faculty Participation - Roundtable Chair Volunteer

Faculty participation is a key component of the campus-wide Graduate Research Conference. Faculty can participate in multiple ways:

  • Motivate graduate students to submit a proposal for the conference and/or to attend the conference.
  • Attend the conference and show support for your graduate student(s)—and encourage other faculty to attend the conference.
  • Serve as a roundtable chair (See Proposal Submission for a description of roundtable discussions).

Serving as a roundtable chair is particularly important. Faculty who serve in this role will be asked to review 3-5 conference proposals and will serve as a roundtable chair at the conference. It is through this role that faculty provide constructive feedback and commentary to students. The conference takes place on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, from 4-7pm.

Faculty participation is central to the Conference and there are many ways to support the event. Interested faculty should fill out a Roundtable Chair Volunteer Form to let us know how you can make this event successful. Faculty who volunteer as a roundtable chair will receive more detailed instructions in October on review criteria and roles.