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Graduate Research Conference

The Graduate Research Conference at CSULB provides a forum for graduate students (master’s, credential, certificate, and doctoral) to showcase their scholarly work and their promise as future innovators, researchers, and academics. This cross-disciplinary event allows CSULB graduate students from all fields of study to present their research and network with members of the entire community. The 3rd annual Graduate Research Conference took place on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 in the University Student Union (USU) ballrooms.

Keynote Speaker
Graduate Research Conference Collage

The conference hosted distinguished keynote speaker George J. Sanchez, PhD, George J. Sanchez, Professor of American Studies & Ethnicity and History at USC, who directs the USC Center for Democracy and Diversity. His talk, "From barrio to research: One life in academia" discussed Dr. Sanchez’s intellectual journey from growing up on the Eastside and Southside of Los Angeles to attending Harvard and Stanford and securing faculty positions at UCLA, Michigan, and USC. He discussed the importance of minority voices in academic research and disciplines, as well as the challenges and triumphs of mentoring the next generation of Latinx and first-generation scholars in academia. Finally, he addressed the balancing of academic research and community engagement in today’s troubling political climate, as well as finding one’s voice through research and writing.

Presentation Formats

Three presentation formats were available to coincide with the different stages of student research.

  • Roundtable discussions are available for students whose research projects are in the Early Stage.
  • 10-minute oral presentations are available for students whose research is in the Advanced Stage.
  • Poster sessions are available for students whose research is in the Advanced Stage.