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Graduate Research Conference

The Graduate Research Conference at CSULB provides a forum for graduate students (master’s, credential, certificate, and doctoral) to showcase their scholarly work and their promise as future innovators, researchers, and academics. This cross-disciplinary event allows CSULB graduate students from all fields of study to present their research and network with members of the entire community. The 3rd annual Graduate Research Conference will take place on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 in the University Student Union (USU) ballrooms.

Graduate Research Conference Collage

Who Can Participate?

All graduate students (master’s, credential, certificate, and doctoral) are encouraged to participate, regardless of where they are in their research projects. The conference is based on the assumption that research projects are at different stages of development:

  • Early Stage: The researcher has identified a research topic, crafted a research question(s), conducted a literature review, and developed a methodology to collect and analyze data.
  • Advanced Stage: The researcher is collecting and analyzing data; or has completed the data gathering and analysis activities and is developing or has developed conclusions for the project and articulated implications for the field.

Presentation Formats

Three presentation formats are available that coincide with the different stages of research.

  • 3-minute oral presentations or 10-minute oral presentations are available for students whose research is in the Advanced Stage.
  • Poster sessions are available for students whose research is in the Advanced Stage.
  • Roundtable discussions are available for students whose research projects are in the Early Stage.

Fall 2017 Conference 

Event Program

The 2nd annual Graduate Research Conference took place on Monday, November 13, 2017, from 4-7pm. The conference featured keynote speaker Zed Mason, Ph.D., former Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Initiatives and Partnerships for the CSU; former Vice President for Research and External Support; Professor Emeritus, CSULB.

Dr. Mason's keynote was followed by panel presentations, poster sessions, and roundtable discussions by CSULB graduate students. 

Fall 2016 Conference

Event Program

The event took place on Monday, November 7, 2016 from 4-7 pm in the University Student Union (USU) Ballrooms A, B, and C. The conference featured the distinguished keynote speaker Tyrone Howard, Ph.D., Professor of Education at UCLA. Dr. Howard also serves as the Faculty Director of UCLA Center X and Director of the Black Male Institute. Dr. Howard's keynote (PDF available to download), "Race, Research, Rigor & Relevance: Scholarly Inquiry in the Current Context" addressed the ongoing salience of race and racism in the United States, and what it means for scholars engaging in such inquiry. The address discussed the changing demographics, the continued disenfranchisement of racially diverse populations, and how research can play a role in perpetuating or disrupting current realities.

The keynote was followed by paper presentations, poster sessions, and roundtable discussions.