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Fee Waiver Program

Course Or Unit Limitation The maximum number of courses or units for which eligible employees may enroll or transfer their existing Fee Waiver benefit entitlement under Fee Waiver is 2 courses or 6 units, whichever is greater.

All University policy statements are listed on the Academic Senate web site. Fee Waiver Program - Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 26.

Faculty Fee Waiver Form


This benefit may be used at any CSU campus.

All Unit 3 Faculty

  • Tenured and Probationary faculty unit employees.
  • Temporary faculty unit employees with at least six (6) years of service or a three (3) year appointment in any ONE department.
  • Full Time Management Personnel Plan.

Eligible faculty can transfer the benefit of a limited waiver to certain family members. FERP participant appointed to teach during the semester for which they are requesting participation.

Dependent Fees

For specific questions regarding charges, please contact the Cashier´s Office, Brotman Hall, First Level.