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Aug 04
  • 16 spots available
  • SPR (Surface Plasma Resonance): an analytical spectroscopy that measures surface adsorption through changes of the resonating angle caused by the respective binding
  • QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance): an analytical technique used to study the surface adsorption and desorption in real time at nanogram levels based on the converse piezoelectric effect
  • Obtain hands on experience in how these instruments and techniques are used in protein adsorption, enzyme binding kinetics, drug delivery, biomembranes and sorption sensors
Sep 17

David Lamelas: A Life of Their Own 

Including the performance of Time (1970)

The University Art Museum celebrates the monographic exhibition, David Lamelas: A Life of Their Own with an opening reception. For this event, Lamelas will initiate a performance of Time, a collaborative, durational piece conceived and originally performed in 1970. Since its inception, Time has become signature “launch” for Lamelas’s exhibitions, most recently at the Tate Modern in London, The Museum of Modern Art, and the High Line in New York.