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Employee Trainings

A program to eliminate sexual harassment from the workplace is not only required by law, but is the most practical way for an employer to avoid or limit liability if harassment should occur despite preventive efforts (DFEH Pamphlet (PDF)).

Discrimination, Harassment, & Retaliation (DHR-Nonsupervisor) Prevention in the Workplace

The DHR training is a 30-45 minute mandatory training completed every year by employees who do not manage employees or student workers. You may take this training in one sitting or stop and save as you go. This training is required, by the Chancellor, of all employees (Staff, Faculty, Managers, and Student Employees) every year. It is mandated by federal law and annual completion is required. We encourage you to print your certificate of completion for your department’s records.  

California’s AB1825 Supervisory Sexual Harassment Prevention (SHP)

This is a mandatory 2 hour training required every other year for employees who supervise one or more employees, including student workers. There is a timer on this training that requires participants to spend a total of 2 hours reviewing the training materials. You may take this training in one sitting or stop and save as you go. We encourage you to print your certificate of completion for your department’s records. 

Supervisors are required to complete both the employee training as well as this additional supervisor training. If you are required to take this training, you will be contacted via e-mail. If you believe you have been assigned this training in error, please email or call Equity & Diversity at 562.985.8256 during the 8AM-5PM business hours.

Campus Title IX Sexual Misconduct Prevention (SMP) Training

This mandatory training is required of all employees each year in addition to completing the DHR nonsupervisory or the SHP supervisory harassment prevention trainings. This 35-45 minute training may be completed in one sitting or you may stop and save as you go. We recommend printing and saving a copy of your certificate of completion for your files.

Online Training Access and Instructions

Please follow the steps below to access Sexual Misconduct training within your Assigned Learning:

  1. Select any web browser, except Microsoft Internet Explorer. This web browser is not supported by the training.
  2. Systemwide Skillport Training Website
  3. Sign-on with your campus ID number and password
  4. Select “View My Plan” tab
  5. Select “Assigned Learning” tab and identify the assigned course in your training plan
  6. Click “Launch” to begin training program
  7. Maximize the training window, or adjust your View to Zoom out, so that you may access the training navigation buttons on the bottom right of the screen.

*The training uses the same single sign-on user name (Campus ID#) and password you use to access your campus email, MyCSULB, BeachBoard, etc. If you believe that you may need to reset your password, please contact the campus Technology Help Desk at 562.985.4959.

Please note: The training is fully automated and PeopleSoft driven. This being the case, we are unable to extend deadlines, and as long as you are an active employee with the campus (in our PeopleSoft system) you will continue to receive weekly reminders to complete the training.

To obtain further information regarding these trainings, please contact Equity & Diversity at 562.985.8256.

Equity & Diversity Trainings

Equity & Diversity provides training for campus constituents related to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. To request a training from Equity & Diversity please contact our office at 562.985.8256.