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James Scott

Curriculum Vitae

Dissertations Chaired

YEAR: 2011

Boyd, K. L. (2011). High school principals’ perceptions of teacher leadership. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.


YEAR: 2012

Dale, B. (2012). Changing how we change: A case study of Escondido Union School District. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Neese, H. (2012). Factors influencing the implementation of standards-based elementary school physical education. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.


YEAR: 2013

Rassmussen, R. (2013). School board presidents’ perceptions of the superintendent selection process. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Whitman, R. (2013). Faculty and school leader perceptions on the implementation of small learning communities to narrow perennial gaps in student achievement in an urban high school. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.


YEAR: 2014

Anderson, F. (2014). Linked learning and African-American student engagement: A case study. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Clarke, R. (2014). The role of counselor in a linked learning environment. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Gerger, K. (2014). 1:1 Tablet technology implementation in the Manhattan Beach Unified School District; A case study. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Padilla, A. (2014). Empowering Chicana/o and Latina/o students: A framework for high school counselors. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.



YEAR: 2015

Glass, R.D. S. (2015). Signing day: From high school athlete to division I scholarship – An examination of the college preparatory supports for African American male student athletes. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Wood, C. (2015). The linked leader: Principal perception of leadership in linked learning pathways. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.


YEAR: 2016

Biolchino, E. (2016). A case study of common core implementation in a linked learning environment. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Donaldson, D. (2016). Wounded veterans: Reintegration through adventure-based experience; A narrative inquiry. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Kim, J. (2016). The effects of professional learning communities on middle school math teachers in developing curriculum, instruction, and assessments for common core. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Thomas, E. (2016). Perceptions of educational leaders' efficacy and leadership capacity upon preliminary administrative credential completion at California State University, Long Beach. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.


YEAR: 2017

Hoftreiter, D. (2017). Principal preparation in special education: Building an inclusionary culture. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Shultz, K. (2017).  Implementation of inclusion practices K-12; From compliance to sustainability.  CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Dillard, C. (2017). Multi-tiered system of supports and implementation science. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.


YEAR: 2018

Alvarado, J. (2018).  An examination of the implementation and sustainability practices of chromebooks.  CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Edwards, L. (2018).  Get your Verve on! Culturally responsive teaching in a linked learning environment. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Harris, S.  (2018).  Voices from the asphalt:  Teacher expectations and student perceptions in an urban high school.  CSULB, Long Beach, CA.



YEAR: 2019

Johnson, J. (2019).  Climate change:  An analysis of the relationship between school climate and academic achievement in the common core era.  CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Glover, S.  (2019).  College and career transition:  A bridge to post-secondary success for high school special needs students.  CSULB, Long Beach, CA.


Year 2020

Annie Ernandes-Hernandez.  In progress, study examines District policy regarding Transgender youth; equal access and building culture of inclusion


Patricia Holmquist.  In progress, study examines utilization of Professional Learning Communities in a Catholic School setting to inform curriculum, instruction, assessment and subsequent professional development.


Joanne Jung.  In progress, study examines Career Technical Education and the impact of Work Based Learning

Keeley Lewis. In progress, Exploring the college readiness and success of linked learning alumni


Voting Member

YEAR: 2013

Weissman, H. (2013). Women and the superintendency: Voices of success navigating administration.  CSULB, Long Beach, CA


YEAR: 2014

Gonzalez, S. (2014). Ideal leadership practices in head start: Understanding leadership from the perspectives of directors and teachers. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.


YEAR: 2015

Polk, R. L. (2015). Examining students with disabilities in a linked learning pathway. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Robinson, C. B. (2015). Instructional leadership for high school principals. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.


YEAR: 2016

Danks, E. (2016). The Road to resiliency: An investigation into the factors that contribute to the resiliency of Latino teenage parents. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Leon, B. (2016). Leadership development institute: A California community college multi-college district case study. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.


YEAR: 2017

King, T. (2017). Toward advocacy and leadership: A study of the experiences of first-year early childhood directors in a mentoring relationship. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Morales, D. (2017). How leadership and the community affected veteran teachers’ decision to remain working in urban elementary schools. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.


YEAR: 2018

Chang, A.  (2018) The importance of teacher development:  Investigating teacher experiences and perspectives in professional learning communities.  CSULB, Long Beach, CA. 

Lipman, J.  (2018) Role of Ready Leadership in a head start pre-school to 3rd grade continuum. CSULB, Long Beach, CA.

Rangel, M. (2018) Familismo & Marianismo:  First generation Latinas navigating the transition from high school to college.  CSULB, Long Beach, CA.


Year 2020

Dennis Johnson. In development; African American Experience in linked Learning High Schools

Ricardo Lois.  In development; Latina/o access to STEM related curriculum and college/career