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Charles Slater

Charles L. Slater is Professor of Educational Leadership at California State University Long Beach. He previously served as professor at Texas State University San Marcos, and was superintendent of schools in Texas and Massachusetts.

He has published articles on educational leadership in the U.S., Costa Rica, Spain, and Mexico as well as other topics in journals such as:  Educational Administration Quarterly, Education, Management, Administration and Leadership, School Management and Leadership,  the Journal of Educational Administration, the International Journal of Servant Leadership, the Educational Forum, the Journal of School Leadership, the International Journal of Leadership in Education, and the Journal of Adult Development.

He is fluent in Spanish.


PhD , University of Wisconsin Madison , 1973

MAT , Occidental College , 1970

BA , University of Minnesota , 1968

Research Interests

I am teaching, conducting research, and working with graduate students in educational administration in Mexican, Costa Rican, Spanish, and U.S. universities. The purpose is to provide students with research experience in another culture and gain from the exchange of ideas.

The first line of research has focused on leadership with attention to cultural differences. Are there different requirements for successful leadership in different countries? What are the commonalities and differences in what people look for in a good leader?

The second line of research has looked at the challenges of school directors in countries across the world. What does the experience of directors suggest for educational administration preparation? This work has been conducted with  the International Study of Principal Preparation (ISPP) 

The third line of research has been conducted with the  International Study of Leadership Development Network (ISLDN) to examine the beliefs and actions of principals who are pursuing social justice. The findings have been presented at conferences and published in national and international journals.

Recent Publications

Antúnez, S., Silva, P., & Slater C.L. (in press). Attention to the Rights of Students who are children of immigrant families. The case of high complexity schools in Catalonia, In K. Arar and I. Oplatka, (eds). Education, immigration, and migration: Policy, leadership and praxis for a changing world. Emerald Publishing.

Slater, C.L., Silva, P., Lopez Gorosave, G., Morrison, M. Antúnez,, S., Corrales Maytorena, B.M., McNae, R. (2019). Leadership for Social Justice in Schools in Mexico, New Zealand, and Spain in P. Angelle and D. Torrance (eds). Cultures of justice: International studies of social justice enactment. Basingstoke, United Kingdom: Palgrave Publishers, Ltd.

Antúnez, S., Silva, P., & Slater C.L. (2019). Factors affecting emotional management in highly complex schools: The case of two Spanish schools. In I. Oplatka & K. Arar (eds). Emotion Management and Feelings in teaching and educational leadership: research and practice in transitional and developing societies. Emerald Publishing, 149-170.

Slater, C.L., Garcia Garduño, J.M., & Mentz, K. (2018). Liderazgo en los directivos principiantes: Resultados de un estudio comparado internacional. In J. Weinstein (ed.). ¿Como cultivar el liderazgo educativo? Trece miradas. Santiago Chile: Centro de Desarrollo de Liderazgo Educativo.

Negussie, H, & Slater, C.L. (2018). Indigenous knowledge and early childhood care and education in Ethiopia. Journal of Educational Leadership Policy and Practice, 33(2), 4-16.

Slater, C.L., García Garduño, J.M., & Mentz, K. (2018). Frameworks for Principal Preparation and Leadership Development: Contributions of the International Study of Principal Preparation (ISPP). Management in Education.32(3), 126-134.

Slater, C.L., Gorosave, G.L., Silva, P., Torres, N. Antúnez, S. & Romero, A. (2017). Women becoming social justice leaders with an inclusive view in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Spain. Research in Educational Administration & Leadership, 2(1), 78-104.

Shin, S., Slater, C.L., & Ortiz, S. (2017). Leader Perceptions and Student Achievement: An Examination of Reading and Mathematics International Test Results in Korea and the United States. International Journal of Educational Management, 31(7), 1103-1118.

Silva, P., Slater, C.L., Lopez Gorosave, G., Cerdas,V., Torres, N., Antunez, S., & Briceno, F. (2017). Educational leadership for social justice in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Spain. Journal of Educational Administration, 55(3), 316-333.

Slater, C.L. (2017). Social Justice Beliefs and the Positionality of Researchers, in P.S. Angelle, A Global Perspective of Social Justice Leadership for School Principals. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing Inc.

Slater, C.L., Lopez Gorosave, G., Cerdas,V., Rosabal, S., Torres, N., & Briceno, F. (2016). Teachers’ Perceptions of Social Justice and School Leadership in Costa Rica and Mexico. Journal of Educational Leadership Policy and Practice, 31(2). 151-164.

Romay, M., Slater, C.L., & Magee, C. (2016). Principal leadership and challenges for developing a school culture of evaluation. In S. Scott, D.E. Scott, & C.F. Webber (Eds.), Assessment in education: Implications for leadership. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

Magee, C. & Slater, C.L. (2015). Mentoring for New Principals in Urban School Districts. In L. Searby & S. Brondyk  (eds.) Mentoring Best Practices in Teacher and Leader Development. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Slater, C. L. (2014). Entrevista sobre liderazgo en el Monográfico en la Revista de Organización y Gestión Educativa (

Shin, S., Slater, C.L., & Backhoff, E. (2013). Principal Perceptions and Student Achievement in Reading in Korea, Mexico and the United States: Educational Leadership, School Autonomy, and Use of Test Results. Educational Administration Quarterly, 49(3), 489-527.


Slater, C.L., Antunez, S., & Silva, P. (2014). Revista Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Educacion (REICE). Special issue on Avances recientes sobre el liderazgo escolar en países anglófonos.


Slater, C.L. & Nelson, S. (eds.) (2013). Understanding the Principalship: An International Guide to Principal Preparation. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, England.

Recent Conference Presentations

Kuykendall, B. & Slater, C.L. (November 2018). Trust between Teachers and Principals: A Matter of Care, Integrity, and Competence. Paper presented at the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), Houston, TX.

Slater, C.L., Silva, P., Lopez Gorosave, G., Morrison, M. Antúnez,, S., Corrales Maytorena, B.M., McNae, R. (October, 2018). Leadership for Social Justice in Schools in Mexico, New Zealand, and Spain. 15th International Congress of Organization of Educational Institutions (CIOIE), Lleida, Spain.

Slater, C.L., Garcia Garduno, J.M., & Mentz, K. (August 2018). School leadership development in a global context: A meta-analysis of the findings of the International Study of the Preparation of Principals. World Educational Research Association, Cape Town, South Africa.

Slater, C.L., Garcia Garduno, J.M., & Mentz, K. (April 2018). Frameworks for principal preparation and leadership development: Contributions of the International Study of Principal Preparation (ISPP). American Educational Research Association, New York.

Silva, P., Antúnez, S., & Slater, C.L. (March 2018). Towards Social Justice in highly complex schools: The case of Catalonia. Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), Mexico City.

Slater, C.L., Silva, S., & Antúnez, S. (November, 2017). Advocacy for Social Justice in Spain. World Education Research Association (WERA), Hong Kong, China.

Wise, G. & Slater, C.L. (November, 2017). Critical moral leadership: Toward social justice for English Language Learners. Paper presented at the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), Denver, CO.

Slater, C.L., Lopez Gorosave, G., Silva, P, Torres, N., Antunez, S., & Romero Hernandez, A., (September 2017). Women Becoming Social Justice Leaders with an Inclusive View in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Spain. World Education Leadership Symposium, Zug, Switzerland.

Slater, C.L., Silva, P., & Antúnez,, S. (May, 2017). Advocacy for Social Justice in Highly Complex Schools: The Case of Catalonia, Spain. Canadian Society for Studies in Education (CSSE), Toronto, Canada.

Slater, C.L., Silva, P., Cerdas, V., Lopez  Gorosave, G., Torres, N., Briceno, F., & Antunez, S., (August, 2016). Teacher Advocacy for Social Justice in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Spain. European Educational Research Conference, Dublin, Ireland.

Slater, C.L., Lopez Gorosave, G., Cerdes, V., Rosabal, S., Torres, N., & Briceno. (April, 2016). Teachers and Educational Leadership for Social Justice in Costa Rica and Mexico. New Zealand Educational Administration and Leadership Society, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Awards and Sabbaticals

President’s Award for Outstanding Faculty Achievement, 2018-19

Academic Affairs Award for Impact Accomplishment of the Year in Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity, California State University Long Beach, April 18, 2018.

Visiting Professor Autonomous Universtiy of Madrid Fall 2019

Visiting Professor University of Barcelona, Spring 2013

Campus Leadership

  • Member of the International Education Committee of the Academic Senate 2011-2014, 2015-Present
  • Member of Retention Tenure and Promotion Committee 2013-2019
  • Member, University Resources Council, 2015-2018
  • Chair of College of Education Curriculum Committee, 2014-15
  • Agreement between Universidad Nacional Costa Rica and College of Education, 2015
  • Hosting of Visitng Professor from Spain, January-February 2015; September-November 2016
  • Collaborative Agreement between the College of Education at CSULB and el Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo en Educatión (IIDE) of the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California signed 2008 and renewed 2017.