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California State University, Long Beach
Dean of Students
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News for Parents and Families: September 2014

Spotlight on Services for Students

University Center for Undergraduate Advising, located in room 103 of the Horn Center, provides various academic advising services to students including general education advising, academic program planning, understanding the Academic Requirements Report and other university documents, understanding university policies, and information about academic probation and remediation strategies.  The Center features specialized services for entering freshmen, adult reentry students, undeclared students, and graduating seniors.  At the Center, students can attend the Freshman Mandatory Advising workshop sessions which guide first semester freshman in second semester course selection and are followed with one-on-one half hour appointments beginning in the second semester.  Undeclared majors utilize the Center as a “home base” for their academic needs including signature authority on all university-related documents and are recommended to see an advisor at least once a year.  The Center operates on an appointment basis with walk-ins subject to availability.  For more information, visit the University Center for Undergraduate Advising website.

A group of CSULB students

Campus Updates

It was with great excitement that we welcomed the seventh President of California State University, Long Beach, Jane Close Conoley, Ph.D.  President Conoley officially took office in July as the first woman to be appointed President of CSULB.  She has come to us with extensive experience in higher education having recently served as interim Chancellor of the University of California, Riverside.  President Conoley is honored and committed to serve as our President and we are looking forward to advancing as an institution under her leadership.  To learn more about President Conoley and to stay connected to the University visit her “President’s Message” website.

We also welcomed our new Vice President for Student Services, Carmen Tillery Taylor, Ph.D. Vice President Taylor came to us after serving as the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Indiana State University. To learn more about Vice President Taylor visit Inside CSULB.

Students at commencement.

National College News

Although there are no secrets to success for every college student, here are the top three tips from College Parents of America that have helped most students succeed in college:

Tip #1 – Attend Class

One of the most important things that your college student can do is to be sure to go to class. This sounds obvious, but isn’t always as simple and straightforward as it might seem. (Of course, just attending class alone isn’t enough, but it is an important factor in academic success.) There are several reasons why attending class regularly is crucial.

  • Depending on the class size, professors may notice whether or not your student is present. If students are not in class, it’s an indication that they may not be taking the class seriously or a statement that they doesn’t value what the professor has to say.

  • Professors will get to know your student’s name and personality. Students who attend class, and who engage professors in discussion – during, before or after class – will begin to build a relationship with professor. When it comes to grading, the professor will be able to put a face and a name together.

  • Students can make connections with other students in the class. This can be helpful in forming study groups, sharing class notes, helping each other with assignments.

  • Students will learn more about the material, and the professor’s style and interests. This can be extremely helpful when it comes time to take an exam or write a paper.

  • The best faculty members use class time to amplify and clarify the material that students read in textbooks. There is often a great deal of insight that can come from listening to a professor and from engaging in class discussion.

Tip #2 – Learn the skill of good, and realistic, time management.

College provides students with independence – and the responsibility for using that independence wisely. Many classes meet only a couple of times a week – or even once a week. Many assignments are long-term assignments. Students are expected to plan accordingly. Chapters may be assigned with no in-class follow up until several weeks later. One rule of thumb is that students should expect to spend two hours of time out of class for every hour that they spend in class. If they have fifteen hours per week in class, they should spend another thirty hours a week working on coursework outside of class.

Successful students learn to plan ahead. They balance coursework, work time, social time. They set deadlines and priorities for themselves.

Tip #3 – Get involved on campus

Many of the most successful students on campus are also those who are most involved in campus activities. Although a student’s primary responsibility is for coursework, students who are involved in college life are often more motivated and focused to do well. Athletes, student leaders, campus activists, club organizers, and residence assistants are all often some of the most engaged students in their education and make the most of their college experience. The campus benefits from their contributions, but the students benefit from their involvement as well. Active students are also often better able to maintain balance in their lives and to gain perspective on why they are in college.

For the entire article, visit the College Parents of America website.


Important Dates & Deadlines 

As we begin a new semester, it is a good time to remind your student about the adverse effects of dropping classes.  Students may drop their classes until the 4th week of the semester (September 22, 2014).  After this date, the student must demonstrate a “serious and compelling reason” to withdraw from the class. 

September 15

  • Deadline for students to add courses, file for CR/NC or Audit grade options and file for credit by examination

September 22

  • Census Day or final deadline for students to add courses, file for CR/NC or Audit grade options with a $10 missed deadline fee.
  • Last day to enroll in Open University

September 26

  • Deadline for proof of meningitis vaccine

October 1

  • Housing payment due

Campus Events & Information

In 49er sports, the Women’s Volleyball team hosts the Long Beach State/LMU Tournament at the Walter Pyramid from September 11th through the 13th, competing in 6 different matches.  The Men’s Water Polo team hosts two matches at the Campus Pool on September 27th.  The Women’s Soccer team hosts two games at the George Allen Field on September 15th and 28th  For more information, visit the Long Beach State 49er website..

First-year students are encouraged to participate in the First-Year Experience (FYE) Success Series, designed to assist students in their transition to CSULB through the provision of critical information, resources, and programs. Students who complete the FYE Certificate requirements will earn a Certificate of Completion and invitation to a special end of year celebration.  First workshop will be “Time Management”, which will be held on Tuesday, September 9th at 1pm in USU 303. To read more about the FYE Program and many of the upcoming workshops for your students please visit the First Year Experience website.

The 11th Annual T3: Timeout for Teambuilding and Training Conference will be held on Saturday, September 13.  This one-day leadership conference is designed to help students build their leadership skills.  Open to all CSULB students, this conference includes leadership workshops, student organization officer certifications and teambuilding activities.  For a small registration fee of $7, participants receive admission to the workshops, certification and lunch.  For more information or to have your student register, visit Student Life and Development.

For more information about these and other campus events, please visit the CSULB Calendar of Events.


Newsletter by Zion Smith