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California State University, Long Beach
STARS/SOAR, Student Transition & Retention Services / Student Orientation, Advising & Registration
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SOAR Information for Transfers (Fall 2014 Admits)

SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) is a comprehensive orientation workshop to help newly admitted transfer students transition – both academically and socially – to California State University, Long Beach. All new undergraduate students are required to attend SOAR before registering for classes. Some majors or programs may also sponsor a mandatory orientation for new students. Read all CSULB mailers carefully and adhere to department/major regulations as your attendance at SOAR is a separate university requirement.

What to Do Before & After Attending SOAR?

The following is a list of important deadlines and responsibilities all transfer students must complete.

  1. Submit Admitted Student Reply and Enrollment Deposit by June 1 or within four weeks of receiving admission to CSULB. Use your MyCSULB account to accept admission and submit your deposit.
  2. Reserve your space to attend a SOAR workshop. Log into your MyCSULB account and click on the SOAR Sign-Up link in MyMenu.
  3. Please be advised the General Education (GE) Certification is not the same as earning an Associate of Arts (AA) degree from a a California Community College - speak with your community college counselor to verify GE certification or request certification.
  4. Send your final official transcripts to CSULB's Enrollment Services by July 15. This includes all college credit earned at any university and/or community college.
  5. Pay fees within 24 hours of registering for classes. Pay via MyCSULB or visit Enrollment Services for payment options.
  6. Purchase your CSULB Parking Permit online via MyCSULB - request parking and pay by E-check or credit card under the Finance section of the Student Center. You can also purchase a permit from Online Parking Services.
  7. All new students must activate a CSULB email account.
  8. New students are encouraged to register for BeachSync, which is CSULB's online community where you can interact with student organizations and stay up to date on campus events.
  9. Update and keep current your contact information on MyCSULB. It is important for you to update your personal telephone numbers and email accounts so that CSULB can send you notices regarding critical information and upcoming deadlines along with keeping in contact with you in the event that an emergency occurs.
  10. Welcome Back to The Beach! First day of classes is Monday, August 25, 2014.

What Happens During SOAR?

SOAR provides you an orientation to life at The Beach and introduction to CSULB academic requirements. You receive a SOAR lunch and a one-day parking permit with your paid SOAR fee. Here’s what to expect during the SOAR workshop:

  1. Attend a welcome session that introduces 49er traditions, highlights CSULB accomplishments, and presents new student expectations
  2. Receive a SOAR Student Handbook and CSULB gifts
  3. Take a walking tour that emphasizes buildings and resources specific to your declared major
  4. Learn about opportunities to become involved with academic and student clubs/organizations
  5. Become familiar with student support services, programs and resources
  6. Participate in an academic advising workshop that:
    • introduces CSULB policies, procedures, deadlines and responsibilities
    • presents General Education and major requirements
    • explains how to use the online CSULB Catalog and Schedule of Classes
    • provides group and one-on-one academic advisement (faculty/major advisors will be available at college-specific workshops only)
    • assists with selection of first semester classes
  7. Learn how to use MyCSULB including how to register for classes
  8. Obtain a printed copy of your class schedule
  9. Activate your Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) student account and obtain your CSULB ID

When Can I Attend SOAR?

Transfer students participate in a full-day workshop that jumps right into the essential components of SOAR – campus tour, academic advising, and assistance with class selection and registration. You are required to attend the entire workshop, which begins at 8 a.m. and concludes by 5 p.m.

You will be able to choose your workshop date when you make a reservation for SOAR via MyCSULB beginning Tuesday, April 15. Transfers should select a college-specific workshop based on your declared major.

A confirmation email with your assigned start time and check in location will be mailed to you prior to your scheduled workshop. Contact SOAR if you do not receive a confirmation email or have any concerns - call (562) 985-5515.

Why does my orientation take place so late in the year?
This is a common question SOAR gets from incoming transfer students. Hosting SOAR workshops in July/August and January allows Enrollment Services to receive and process a majority of official transcripts, which then helps professional advisors place newly-admitted transfer students in appropriate department and general education classes. Additionally, most departments reserve classes for new transfer students attending SOAR in July and January - these classes are not available to continuing students. Students who attend SOAR transfer workshops are typically able to enroll in 13-16 units during their first semester at CSULB.

Want to know which college your major falls under? Click on Colleges & Majors to see a listing of all undergraduate majors.

College Abbreviations
CBA: College of Business
CHHS: College of Health & Human Services
CLA: College of Liberal Arts
CNSM: College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
COE: College of Engineering
COTA: College of the Arts
CEd: College of Education (Liberal Studies/Elementary Education)


SOAR Transfer Workshops
Fall 2014 Admits

SOAR Transfer Workshop Schedule
Dates Workshop Description
Monday, July 7

College of Engineering (COE) majors only

Tuesday, July 8

College of Health & Human Services (CHHS) majors only

Wednesday, July 9
College of Health & Human Services (CHHS) majors, School of Art majors (COTA), and Liberal Studies majors (CEd) only
Thursday, July 10

College of Health & Human Services (CHHS) majors only

Friday, July 11

College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics (CNSM) majors, School of Art majors (COTA), and Liberal Studies majors (CEd) only

Monday, July 14, Tuesday, July 15, Wednesday, July 16, and Thursday, July 17
College of Liberal Arts (CLA) majors only
Friday, July 18
College of Liberal Arts (CLA) majors, School of Art (COTA) majors, and Liberal Studies (CEd) majors only
Monday, July 21
College of Liberal Arts (CLA ) majors only
Tuesday, July 22
College of Business Administration (CBA) majors only
Wednesday, July 23
College of Business Administration (CBA) majors and School of Art majors (COTA) only
Thursday, July 24
College of the Art (COTA) majors only
Parent and Family Orientation (PFO) program available
Friday, July 25
All Majors
Parent and Family Orientation (PFO) program available

What Is The Cost?

There is a $62 fee for the SOAR transfer workshop.  You must pay at the time you make your SOAR workshop reservation in order to guarantee your selected workshop date. Acceptable online forms of payment are e-check (no convenience fee) and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express with a 2.75% service charge).

The SOAR fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. There is no fee waiver for this program.

How Do I Make a SOAR Workshop Reservation?

The first day to reserve your space for a SOAR workshop is Tuesday, April 15. Reservations will continue to be accepted for a particular workshops as long as there is space available. The deadline to reserve your space for a SOAR workshop is Tuesday, July 15. New students who still need to make a workshop reservation after the deadline should contact SOAR for assistance. Call 562-985-5515 or e-mail

Submit your Admitted Student Reply and required CSULB Enrollment Deposit prior to signing up for SOAR. Please note that the CSULB Enrollment Deposit is separate from the SOAR fee.

Space is limited per workshop date and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Make your SOAR workshop reservation at least three weeks prior to the date you select to receive your workshop confirmation documents.

Beginning Tuesday, April 15, you can make your reservation by logging into your MyCSULB account and clicking on the Student Center link located in the upper left-hand corner. At the bottom of the new page you'll find the SOAR link.

What If I Already Attended a SOAR Workshop?

If you have previously attended CSULB and are resuming your studies, you may be required to attend SOAR.
Students who have been away from the University for more than three years will be required to attend CSULB's new student orientation and advising workshop because of the changes to General Education, major requirements, and CSULB policies.
If you have been away from CSULB for less than three years, you may voluntarily participate in SOAR to become re-acquainted with the University. If you completed SOAR and attended CSULB within the past three years, contact SOAR at (562) 985-5515 or to request to be exempt from attending a second workshop.
*Please note that students who have been away from CSULB less than three years will be required to attend SOAR if significant changes to General Education and/or major requirements have occurred.


More Questions?

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page!