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California State University, Long Beach
Center for Scholarship Information
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Alphabetical Listing of Scholarships


Total Results: 92

Name Deadline
SAA Native American Scholarships 12/15/13
Safe Driver Student Scholarship 7/1/14
SALEF Fulfilling Our Dreams Scholarships 5/30/13
Salvatori Fellowship 1/16/14
Sam Torres Correctional Award 5/1/14
Samuel Schulman Memorial Scholarship 11/1/13
Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County Fellowships 4/29/13
Sarno Graduate Research Scholarship 3/3/14
Saul T. Wilson, Jr. Scholarship 5/13/13
SBBWA Scholarship 3/28/14
Schawans Food Service Scholarship 4/9/14
Scholarship for Students Who Are Hard of Hearing or Deaf 5/1/14
Scholarship Fund of the Department of Physics and Astronomy 4/12/13
Scholarships for Military Children 2/28/14
School of Nursing Scholarship 10/25/13
Schwallie Family Scholarship 4/26/13
SCMOTC Scholarships 2/1/14
Seabee Memorial Scholarship 4/15/13
Selected Professions Fellowships 1/10/14
SEMA Memorial Scholarship 3/28/14
Senate Fellowship Program 2/10/14
Senator Jenny Oropeza Memorial Scholarship 3/5/15
Sergeant Major (SGM) Douglas R. Drum Scholarship 3/3/14
Settlemyer Family Scholarship 3/17/14
Sharon D. Banks Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship 10/10/13
Sherman & Frances L. Teller Teachers Scholarship - Fall 11/1/13
Sherman & Frances L. Teller Teachers Scholarship - Spring 5/1/13
Shout It Out Scholarship 9/30/14
Simonson Economics Dept. Scholarship 3/17/14
Single Parents Scholarship 7/1/13
Small Business Success Student Scholarship Program 5/31/13
SME Education Foundation Scholarships 2/1/14
Social Sciences- Bachelor Degree Scholarship 4/1/14
Society of Physics Students Scholarships, Grants and Internships 2/15/14
Society of Women Engineers 2/17/14
Sol Goldberg Childcare Subsidy - Fall 11/1/13
Sol Goldberg Childcare Subsidy - Spring 5/1/13
Sons of Italy, Renaissance Lodge 3/10/14
Sophie Greenstadt Scholarship for Mid-Life Women 5/1/13
Source Supply College Scholarship 5/30/14
South Bay Alumnae Panhellenic Association Scholarship 3/15/14
Southwest Airline Educational Program 5/22/13
Spectrum Scholarship 3/1/14
SPS Leadership Scholarship 2/15/14
Stateside Spouse Education Assistance Program 5/1/14
Stella Blum Research Grant 5/1/14
Stephen K. Hall ACWA Water Law and Policy Scholarship 4/1/14
Steve Fasteau Past Presidents Scholarship 9/8/14
StorageMart ScholarSmarts 6/30/13
Streamline Refinance Scholarship for Finance and Economics 12/15/13
Stuart L. Farber Endowed Merit Scholarship for Ethical Conduct, Civility, and ASI Leadership Service 3/28/14
Summer Research Diversity Fellowships in Law and Social Science 2/15/14
Superpower Scholarship 3/31/15
Susan Bunch Memorial Scholarship 9/8/14
Susan Schulman Begley Memorial Scholarship 5/1/13
Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship 12/2/13
SWE Past Presidents Scholarship 2/15/14
TABC & Toyota Lets Go Places Scholarship 3/13/14
Target Pathways Award 3/13/14
Taylor Gifts Academic Scholarship 6/16/14
TELACU General Scholarship 2/28/14
The Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program 2/14/14
The Chen Foundation Scholarship 4/30/13
The Eve's Addiction Scholarship 12/15/13
The Explorers Club 12/16/13
The Government Finance Professional Development Scholarship 4/22/14
The Internet Initiative Scholarship 8/31/13
The Reeves Law Group Scholarship Contest 7/1/14
The Richard and Louise Wilde Award 3/6/14
The Rolex Scholarship 12/31/13
The Roy W. Dean Summer Film Grant 6/30/13
The United Negro College Fund Scholarships 5/31/13
Therapy Professional Scholarship 12/13/13
Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship 8/1/14
Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowships 1/24/14
Thomas R. Pickering Undergraduate Foreign Affairs Fellowships 1/24/14
Thriving Caregiver Scholarship 3/31/14
Through The Looking Glass Scholarship 3/17/14
Tim Sardelich Scholarship 4/22/13
Toni and Alex Horowitz Scholarship 3/6/14
Tony Ferris Memorial Scholarship 3/5/15
Top Ten List Scholarship 12/31/14
Tourism Cares Academic Scholarship Program 4/1/14
Toyota Scholars Program 3/13/14
Transportation Clubs International Scholarships 5/31/13
Travelers Scholarship 6/14/13
TruFit Good Citizen Scholarship 5/6/14
Truman Scholarship 2/4/14
Tuition Won't Stop Me Scholarship 1/31/14
Two Nineteen Scholarship 5/30/13
Two Ten Scholarship 3/3/14
Tylenol Scholarships 6/15/13