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Internal Clearance Form Cost-Sharing Addendum Instructions



The purpose of this Internal Clearance Addendum forms is to detail the commitment of resources for cost-matching or cost-sharing obligations under grants and contracts, when cost-matching or cost-sharing is indicated on the University Internal Clearance Form "Budget Summary." Otherwise, the Addendum is not required. Because cost-matching is a commitment of resources and is auditable by funding agencies, it is recommended that cost-matching in excess of that actually required by the funding agency not be committed. Authority: The governing policy is California State University, Long Beach and Foundation Policy on Use of Cost Sharing or Cost Matching in Externally-Funded Projects. Responsibilities: The proposal Principal Investigator / Project Director, in consultation with the Chair and Dean, provides detailed information for the completion of this form. The person responsible for commitment of each specifically identified resource signs this Addendum Form certifying correctness of the information.

Prior to formal acceptance of an award, and before release of project funds, the documentation for each committed resource will be submitted to the Foundation. Documentation will be consistent with the governing policy, consisting of appropriate University records or signed statements by the person or office committing the resource. Upon receipt of the documentation the Foundation will establish a cost-sharing accounting for each resource.



Cost Sharing is the provision of cash, personnel time, and/or physical assets by parties other than the principal funding agency to a project such that the expenditure or use of the resource contributes to the stated activities of the project. If the specific time and value of a resource cannot be documented, it cannot be identified as a cost-sharing resource.

Cost Matching is the provision of cash (usually) in some stated proportion to funds awarded through a grant or contract usually within a specified period, usually the period of the grant, but sometimes preceding the grant date as specifically stated in the award.

The Fund/Source is the specific area of the University/College/Department budget from which a cash or personnel resource is funded, for example, "SCAC Assigned Time" or "Biology Dept. S&S" or "CNSM PeopleSoft Chart Field."

The appropriate signature for an item committed to a project is the person who has direct authority over the stated resource and will be able to confirm the expenditure for the project.

The commitment period establishes the dates during which the resource will be available to the project, whether or not this coincides with the project performance dates, for example, "July 1, 2000 to June 30, 2001."

CSULB Personnel

For each semester, three WTU equals .25 of a full-time tenured/tenure track faculty position; three WTU equals .20 of a full-time non-tenured faculty position (lecturers, instructors, etc.).

Salary rate equals current base salary rate at date of proposal. Fringe benefit rate is separated from base salary.

Non-CSULB Personnel

Consistent with governing policy.

In-Kind (consistent with governing policy)

Unit Value for equipment is either a) the purchase cost or gift value divided by the number of years over which the resource is expected to be operational, or b) the declared hourly operational charge-back rate. Unit value for consumables is the actual purchase cost. Unit value for uncapitalized assets, non-equipment, non-consumables, such as software usage, is listed on the "Proposed Acceptance of Gifts" document in University Relations and Development (Foundation 324) as "Estimated Cost" (for donations) or on the purchase invoice obtainable from the appropriate Unit Manager for State purchased items. The Value Reference is the name (and date) of the document (described immediately above) declaring the Unit Value.

These forms may be prepared and printed for manual signatures and routing by hand, or may be submitted to University Research for email routing of the output document. Use as many of the forms as necessary. Do not click on the submit button until you have printed out a paper copy of the document. Clicking on the "Submit" button automatically sends the document. Research will forward the output document.

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