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California State University, Long Beach
Office of University Research
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IACUC Project Application Procedures

In compliance with the USDA Animal Welfare Act regulations, Public Health Service policies, and the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International standards, the CSULB Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is required to review and approve, require revisions in (to secure approval), or, if appropriate, withhold approval of proposed activities related to the care and use of animals at CSULB.

All IACUC forms can be found on the University Research web site:

Animal Use Protocol Application

Each species of animal involved in a proposed project or activity requires a separate application. Draft applications must first be emailed to the Attending Veterinarian. Completed applications are to be submitted via e-mail to the Office of University Research at least two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting of the IACUC. Failure to submit the protocol on time will result in a delay of the review. Applications must be reviewed and approved by the IACUC before any animals are procured or used. In some cases, sponsoring agencies require documentation of approval before an award is made.

Investigator Assurance of Compliance

In addition to the IACUC Animal Use Protocol Application, an "Investigator Assurance of Compliance with CSU Long Beach Guiding Principles and Policies Governing the Care and Use of Animals" must be signed by the Principal Investigator and kept on file in the Office of University Research.

Annual Report

Prior to the expiration of the initial one year approval period, the Research Office will send via email the Annual Report Form and instructions.  Included in the email will be the submission deadlines for the report. The PI then must complete the Annual Report Form and forward this form via email to the Attending Veterinarian to review. After the Veterinarian consultation and any necessary revisions, the PI must forward the completed form via email to the Research Office.

NOTE: Annual Reports must be approved prior to the project expiration date for the uninterrupted continuation of the project.

At each review of an Annual Report all IACUC members will have available at the Committee meeting the original approved protocol.

The entire duration of the project cannot exceed three years. A complete new IACUC protocol application form must be submitted if a project will extend beyond three years.

Request for Modification

During the conduct of an approved project it may become necessary to modify or deviate from the approved protocol. Such changes must be communicated to the IACUC for approval prior to the implementation of the change by use of the Request for Modification of an Approved Project form. The Request for Modification must be typed and submitted to the Attending Veterinarian by e-mail and the Office of University Research. The Attending Veterinarian will either forward the Request for Modification to the IACUC Chair with recommendation for approval and comments or return it to the applicant for change. If approved, the Chair will send the approved Modification to the Office of University Research indicating approval. The IACUC Chair can approve minor modifications to an approved protocol. If approved, the modified activity may begin. The Modification will then be placed on the next IACUC agenda for notice to the full Committee.  Requests for a major modification requires review and approval at a convened IACUC meeting.


  • Increase in animal numbers over 10% requires full IACUC review at a convened meeting.
  • Significant modifications require full IACUC review and approval prior to implementation.
  • A change in species requires submission of a new Animal Use Protocol Application.
  • Modification to procedures of radiation exposure, radioactive materials, carcinogens, or biohazards (including Recombinant DNA) requires full IACUC review at a convened meeting.

Observation Animals

The Animal Observation Form is used when maintained animals are to be observed in non-stressful conditions.

Animal Transfer Request

The Animal Transfer Request form may allow transfer of animals between approved projects pending review and approval by the Attending Veterinarian. The form must be completed and submitted to the Attending Veterinarian.

Request for Animal Adoption Form

The CSU Long Beach Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee(IACUC) may authorize transfer ownership from scientific projects to private citizens certain of its animals for the purpose of being pets or companion animals. The Companion Domestic Animal Adoption Program form is used to adopt animals from approved projects.

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