Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement Committee (GWARC)


The Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) Committee shall carry out the functions specified in University Policy Statement 04-06, Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement.

The duties of the GWAR Committee shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

1. Overseeing the procedures for the administration of the CSULB WPE;

2. Approving other examinations that can be used to satisfy the GWAR, and setting minimum passing scores for them, based on a determination that they are valid and reliable demonstrations of upper-division competence in academic writing in English;

3. Approving other assessments of academic writing in English connected to upper-division, writing-intensive courses and setting the minimum score on a rubric approved by the GWAR Committee;

4. Reviewing all existing assessments at least every five years;

5. Approving the training processes for faculty who will score a CSULB assessment designed to meet the GWAR;

6. Maintaining and disseminating information about the University list of approved assessments designed to meet the GWAR;

7. Assisting colleges, when requested, in the development of additional courses or instruments to be added to the University list of assessments designed to meet the GWAR;

8. Overseeing the distribution of information to students, faculty members, and advisors about resources available to help students develop the required level of writing skills and about policies and procedures for the various means of meeting the GWAR;

9. Consulting with the following entities on issues relating to GWAR:

a. Center for International Education;

b. Disabled Student Services;

c. Learning Assistance Center; and

d. Any other University offices that represent populations of students, faculty, staff, or administrators that may be significantly affected by a proposed change to the GWAR;

10. Determining the qualifications for instructors eligible to teach GWAR approved courses, such as background in teaching composition, teaching English as a second language or other evidence of experience in developing academic writing skills.

Decisions of the GWAR Committee on the approval or disapproval of examinations or other writing assessments proposed as means for satisfying the GWAR, on the training process for faculty seeking to become qualified as readers of GWAR writing assessments, on waivers of the GWAR, or on other matters may be appealed to the Curriculum and Educational Policies Council and, if still unresolved, to the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate.

Waivers of the GWAR

The GWAR Committee may consider requests from current or former CSULB students for waivers of the GWAR, acting either as a committee of the whole or by delegating this task to a subcommittee of its own members.

Subsequent to the semester in which the first two courses or other mechanisms approved for satisfying the GWAR at the undergraduate level become available, no further requests for waivers shall be entertained by the University.



Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee)

GWAR Coordinator

Director, Testing and Evaluation Services (or designee)

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services (or designee)

Representative from the Academic Advising Council, selected by that Council

Two (2) faculty members from the College of Liberal Arts and one (1) faculty member from each of the other colleges, including the University Library. At least one (1) member must be probationary or tenured, and at least one member must be a lecturer. At least one (1) member shall have specific training, background, or expertise in teaching and assessing writing in second language learners. In addition, at least three (3) members shall have experience or expertise in teaching and/or assessing University writing

One (1) member representing the composition program coordinator or the Writers Resource Lab Coordinator (or designee)

One (1) student member, selected by the Associated Students, Inc.

One (1) member of the Curriculum and Educational Policies Council selected by the Council, who should also be a member of the GWAR Committee if possible; if an individual with dual membership is not available, the Council member becomes a non-voting member of the GWAR Committee.

Faculty members shall serve staggered, three-year terms to insure continuity. Members may serve consecutive terms.

The committee shall annually elect a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.