Appendix B1:

Guidelines for Submission for the Distinguished Faculty Scholarly and Creative Achievement Award

The Distinguished Faculty Scholarly and Creative Achievement Award, established in 1982, is designed to encourage, reward, and publicly acknowledge sustained excellence in scholarly and creative achievement by members of the University’s faculty. The award recognizes excellence in the visual and performing arts, in the publication of scholarly work, in the completion of research and sponsored projects, and in the development of new and innovative ideas in research and problem-solving.

A record of sustained excellence and the significance of the nominee’s contributions must be demonstrated. The following are non-ranked examples of accomplishments that may be included as evidence.

  • Completion of funded and unfunded research projects and scholarly activities;
  • Conference presentations, participations and contributions;
  • Development of software, instructional tools, and electronic media;
  • Dissemination of scholarly work or creative activities to the appropriate audiences and Professional groups through, for example, the presentation of seminars, workshops, invited talks, or artistic performances or artistic exhibits;
  • External awards and recognitions by local, national and international organizations for scholarly and creative achievements;
  • Inclusion of research and scholarly work results in instruction and/or course development and improvement;
  • Involvement in organizing local, national and international conferences, forums, artistic exhibits, galleries and performances;
  • Involvement in, and contributions to, related professional organizations at various levels;
  • Leadership in developing new areas of scholarship and creativity;
  • Overall contributions to the advancement, application, or pedagogy of a discipline or interdisciplinary studies;
  • Publication of research and scholarly activity results in professional and refereed journals, conference proceedings, textbooks, electronic journals, etc.;
  • Record of research grants and contracts;
  • Record of holding patents and licenses;
  • Scholarly contributions to the mission of the University; or
  • Student involvement in conducting research and creative activities.

The candidates who accept their nomination shall submit an application and the required materials to the Dean of their College on or before the second Monday in February. Materials needed for submissions are:

  • A completed Application Form;
  • A 3-5 page summary statement by the nominee highlighting his/her scholarly and creative achievements in relation to the award criteria;
  • A current curriculum vitae;
  • Up to 5 documented exemplars of scholarly and creative achievements such as those listed above.