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Graduate Transfer Units by Extension

At the option of the college or department offering an advanced degree requiring a total of 30 units, up to 6 units of approved extension/continuing education or transfer credit is acceptable on graduate student programs. At the option of the college or department offering a graduate degree requiring a total of 30 units, this limit may be raised to 9 units of extension/continuing education credit if taken at CSULB. These limits may be increased further for graduate degrees requiring more than 30 units provided that (1) no graduate degree may be awarded by CSULB unless at least 24 units are taken in residence, and (2) no graduate student program may use either extension/continuing education or transfer credit to satisfy the requirement that complete at least seventy percent (70%) of the minimum units required for the program of study in courses at the 500 and 600 levels, including double-numbered courses (400/500). At least fifty percent (50%) of the units required for the degree shall be in courses organized primarily for graduate students.

Extension courses completed at campuses including California State University, Long Beach shall be acceptable within the six‑unit transfer limit, provided the work can be properly evaluated and the course is acceptable as graduate work for an equivalent graduate degree on the campus where taught. Extension/continuing education and transfer course material shall be evaluated and approved by CSULB faculty teaching in the topic area in conjunction with the department graduate advisor and college associate dean or director of graduate studies. Final approval/disapproval shall be the responsibility of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies or his/her designee.

Extension/continuing education credit may not be used to reduce the minimum units required in a discipline for a master's degree, that is, extension credit may be used to complete coursework required outside the discipline. Excess grade points earned in extension classes may not be used to offset a grade‑point deficiency in the total graduate record.

Grades earned at another institution may not be used to offset grade‑point deficiencies in courses taken at this University. However, grades of "C" earned at another institution in courses transferred to satisfy subject matter requirements for an advanced degree at this institution must be balanced by grades of "A" at this University to meet the required 3.0 ("B") overall average.

Credit earned by correspondence or by examination cannot be used to satisfy master's degree requirements.

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