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California State University, Long Beach
2013-2014 CSULB University Catalog

College of Health and Human Services

Courses - HHS Lower Division

100. Skills for Living (3)

Development of skills necessary for achieving success as a student in any HHS major and ultimately as a professional. Additionally, HHS 100 is intended to improve student awareness of health and human services professions, career paths and disciplines.
Letter grade only (A-F). (Lecture-discussion, 3 hours) Team taught by College of Health and Human Services Faculty.

210. Introduction to Physical Therapy (3)

Corequisite: HHS 100.
Introduction and orientation to rehabilitation with special emphasis on physical therapy. Includes essentials for choosing between rehabilitation professions and preparation for admission to a professional physical therapy educational program.
Letter grade only (A-F). (Lecture/discussion 3 hours)

288. Emergency Medical Technician (6)

Study and application of emergency medical technician skills. Assessment, care, communication, and ambulance operations for the sick and injured. Ambulance ride-along and hospital emergency room experience. Qualifying students take the NREMT exam to become a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).
Letter grade only (A-F).

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College of Health and Human Services

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