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California State University, Long Beach
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Curriculum Handbook - Print Versions of the Handbook

Complete Curriculum Handbook - Revised: May 6th, 2014 - Word word document | PDF pdf document


Section One: Curricular Authority and Publications - Word word document | PDF pdf document

Attachment 1.1 Catalog Production Cycle


Section Two: Program Development and Approval - Word word document | PDF pdf document

Section Two - A: Requirements for Off-Campus Degree Programs - Word word document | PDF pdf document

Attachment 2.1 Glossary of Program Terms
Attachment 2.2 Unit Characteristics of Programs
Attachment 2.3 Coversheet: Program Projection, Implementation and Major Program Change
University Research Council (URC) Form
Attachment 2.7 Coversheet: Honors in the Major Program
Attachment 2.8 Curriculum Form: New Lower-Division Honors Course Word Document
Attachment 2.9 Curriculum Form: New Upper-Division Honors Course Word Document
Attachment 2.10 Policy Statement 08-12: University Honors Program
Attachment 2.11 Policy Statement 85-08: Certificate Programs
Attachment 2.12 Academic Master Plan


Section Three: Program Discontinuance - Word word document | PDF pdf document


Section Four: Courses and Curricula - Word word document | PDF pdf document

Attachment 4.1 Curriculum Calendar
Attachment 4.2 Course Classification Chart
Attachment 4.3 Form: Substitution or Waiver or Prior Published Degree Requirements PDF Document
Attachment 4.4 Policy Statement: 08-11: Avoid Unnecessary Duplication of Courses
Attachment 4.5 Standard Course Outline Sample
Attachment 4.6 Policy Statement 11-07: Course Syllabi
Attachment 4.7 Form: Course Fee 
Attachment 4.8 Policy Statement 03-11: Academic Technology and the Mode of Instruction


Section Five: Academic Program Review - Word word document | PDF pdf document


Section Six: General Education - Word word document | PDF pdf document

Attachment 6.1 Policy Statement 08-00: General Education Policy


Section Seven: Articulation - Word word document | PDF pdf document


Section Eight: College of Continuing and Professional Education - Word word document | PDF pdf document