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College of Liberal Arts

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Sociology - Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (code SOC_BA01) (120 units)


Lower Division: Twelve units of lower division are required. Students must have credit for SOC 100, 142, 250, and 260. It is recommended that students take Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 120) as an elective.

Upper Division: All majors are required to have a minimum of 31 upper division units in sociology. This must include (1) at least 16 units in core courses: SOC 335I or 354, 356, 420 or 427, 355, 357; and (2) nine units in one concentration and (3) six units of electives from other upper division courses in sociology. Total credit for courses numbered 490 through 499 may not exceed twelve units. Completion of at least 51 semester units of college work is required before students will be accepted into upper division courses.

The department strongly recommends that lower division courses be completed before upper division courses. Taking the courses in sequential order will allow students to gain maximum benefit from the curriculum. Experience has shown that students who take courses out of sequence do not perform as well academically. SOC 260, Introduction to Data Analysis, and SOC 250, Elementary Statistics, should be taken before SOC 355, Methods of Social Research. Required upper division courses also should be taken in sequential order consecutively. SOC 356, Developmental Sociological Theory, should be taken before SOC 357, Modern Sociological Theory.


Deviance and Social Control
SOC 342I, 345, 354*, 423, 440, 448, 463, 491, 495

Interaction and Group Relations
SOC 320, 325 (or W/ST 325), 335I*, 336, 340 (or CHLS 350), 341, (or CHLS 352), 345, 346, 354*, 423, 426, 464, 492, 495; W/ST 401I

Medical Sociology
SOC 350, 354*, 423, 461, 462, 463, 464, 466, 493, 495;
H/SC 400


Concentration currently not available

Social Change and Global Issues
SOC 346, 350, 354*, 410I, 420*, 427*, 430, 449, 450, 494, 495; ANTH or GEOG 307I; I/ST 317I or I/ST 318I; W/ST 401I
*If not taken as one of the core courses


Minor in Sociology (code SOC_UM01)

A minimum of 24 units which must include:
Lower Division: SOC 100, 142
Upper Division: SOC 335I and a minimum of 15 units selected from other upper division courses in sociology. Total credit for courses numbered 490 through 499 may not exceed 6 units.