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Bachelor of Arts in Dance (code DANCBA01) (120 units)


Composition (8 units): DANC 120, 220, 320.
Theory (21 units): DANC 100, 131, 260, 373I, 435I, 442B; 470, or 475; three units from 488, 491A, or 491B.
Performance/Production (4 units): Two units from 181A, 181B, 381A, 381B, 481A, or 481B; two units from 180A, 180B, 295, 380A, 380B, 480A, 480B, or 495.
Technique (20 units): Twelve units from DANC 152, 252, 312, 412, (3 units must be earned from 312 or 412); eight units from DANC 154, 254, 314, 316, 414 (3 units must be earned from 314 or 414).
Electives (6 units): Select six units from DANC 161, 262, 350, 360, 362, 420, 442A, 445, 470, 475, 488, 491A, or

Option in Dance Science (code DANCBA02) (120 units)

The B.A. in Dance, Option in Dance Science offers the dance major a course of study combining dance with specific science courses for students interested in teaching careers in dance, or careers in dance fitness. This degree also gives preparation for those who seek graduate education in the areas of dance science or related dance studies.

Admission into the program is the same for the general B.A. in Dance, which requires passing an entrance audition for placement in the major sequence of dance technique courses and meeting all University entrance requirements.


Composition (5 units): DANC 120, 220.
Theory (40 units): DANC 100, 131, 161, 260, 262, 360, 373I, 442B, 470; BIOL 207, 208; KIN 300, 301, 312.
Performance/Crew (2 units): one unit from DANC 181A, 181B, 381A, 381B, 481A, 481B; one unit from DANC 180A, 180B, 295, 380A, 380B, 480A, 480B, 495.
Technique (20 units): twelve units from DANC 152, 252, 312, or 412; 3 must be earned in 312 or 412. Eight units from DANC 154, 254, 314, 316, or 414; 3 must be from 314 or 414.
Electives: 5-6 units from DANC 362, NUTR 430, KIN 307, 309, 315, 339I, 363, 368, 430, 462, 467.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance (code DANCBF01) (132 units)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance is the only professional undergraduate degree in Dance in the CSU. The primary objective of the degree program is to prepare graduates for positions as performers and/or choreographers in dance companies, musical theatre, film, and television. The program also will prepare students for entry into Master of Fine Arts programs in Dance. Preparation: All students wishing to pursue the BFA in Dance must demonstrate intermediate/advanced technical skill in dance by audition. Students may take the BFA studio audition, for entrance into this degree plan, after completing the following course work with a grade of “B” or better: DANC 120, 220, 252, 254, 380A or B, 381A or B.


Composition (11 units): DANC 120, 220, 320, 420.
Theory (29 units): DANC 100, 131, 260, 161 or 262, 350 or 445, 373I, 442A, 442B, 470 or 475; six units from 488, 491A, or 491B.
Performance/Production (7 units): Two units from DANC 181A, 181B, 381A, 381B, 481A or 481B; five units from 180A, 180B, 295, 380A, 380B, 480A, 480B, or 495.
Technique (25 units): Fifteen units from DANC 152, 252, 312, 412; 3 units must be earned from 412. Ten units from DANC 154, 254, 314, 316, 414; 3 units must be earned from 414.
General Education (3 units): Three units from AH 111A, 111B, 335I; CWL 124, 161, 232, 324I, 412I; DANC 435I; PHIL 361; MUS 180, 190, 290, 363I, 364I, 375, 490; THEA 113, 124, 324I.

Minor in Dance (code DANCUM01)

Students wishing to minor in dance must audition for placement prior to starting the program. The Minor in Dance is available to any non-dance major.


24 units of which 9 must be upper division. Technique (9 units): 6 units from DANC 152, 252, 312, or 412 (3 of which must be from DANC 252); Three units from DANC 154, 254, 314, or 414. Theory/Production/Performance (12 units): DANC 120, 131, 220, 442B; 1 unit from DANC 380A, 380B, 480A, 480B, or 495; and one unit from DANC 381A, 381B, 481A, 481B. Electives (3 units): DANC 161, 320, 350, 360, 362, 373I, 442A, 435I, 445, 475.


Master of Arts in Dance

General Option (code DANCMA01)

The Master of Arts in Dance is a practice-oriented degree created to serve experienced dance educators, primarily in secondary and community college venues. Its curriculum is designed to broaden and deepen dance knowledge and skills for teaching dance classes and producing dance concerts. This degree elevates an undergraduate teaching credential to graduate status.

Because M.A. candidates are teaching during the academic year, coursework is completed in three intensive, 6-week consecutive summer sessions in which 9-12 units are earned each summer. No other institution of higher education in the state of California offers such an emphasis at the M.A. level.

Criteria for Admission into the Program

Candidates must meet the following criteria for entrance into the M.A. in Dance:

1. Prerequisite Courses:
• two courses in dance composition;
• one course in dance history;
• one course in anatomy/kinesiology (must be taken in the past five years);
2. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a degree in dance or a related field;
3. Minimum of 3 years experience teaching dance in a high school with a secondary teaching credential, or minimum of 3 years part-time or full-time experience teaching dance in a community college (exceptions will be considered for extensive part-time employment teaching dance in a high school, or for an exemplary employment history of teaching dance in other venues);
4. Three letters of recommendation, of which one must be from a supervisor or colleague;
5. Movement audition and personal interview;
6. Completion of all application materials.

Admission will be granted to students who show high promise of success in graduate study based on past academic record and record of teaching experience.

Retention Criteria

1. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 in all graduate work completed at CSULB;
2. Continued satisfactory progress toward degree objectives.

Application materials and application cycles (normally a new class of M.A. candidates begins every three years) is posted at csulb.edu/dance.

Advancement to Candidacy

Students will be advanced to candidacy upon successful completion of the following:

1. Satisfy the general university requirements for advancement to candidacy and the department’s admission criteria;
2. Maintain a 3.0 GPA in all graduate coursework;
3. Fulfill the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR);
4. Complete a minimum of 21 units of coursework;
5. Removal of any incomplete;
6. Satisfactory completion of three artistic endeavors completed during the academic year utilizing student performers from the candidate’s school.
7. Filing of the student’s graduate program form for the Master of Arts in Dance, signed by the student’s graduate advisor, and approved by the Associate Dean for graduate accountability.


1. A minimum of 31 units from
DANC 510A, 510B, 510C, 521, 522, 565, 591A, 591B, 592, 642, and DANC 605.
2. Successful completion of a
Written Comprehensive Exam to be taken after all coursework has been satisfied.

Master of Fine Arts in Dance (code DANCMF01)

This 60-unit plan of study emphasizes performance and choreography grounded in the modern dance genre, and requires 3 years in residence to complete all course work. The Master of Fine Arts degree is the terminal degree in the studio area of dance. It offers professional training preparatory for careers in performance and choreography, and is highly desired by major dance schools in the United States for university and college teaching. CSULB offers the only MFA in Dance in the California State University system.

The Dance Department has chosen to keep the MFA degree program small and selective in order to provide adequate resources to all students in the degree plan. It is expected that applicants for the MFA in Dance should have some life experiences in the field prior to application; therefore, this would normally preclude a person who recently was awarded an undergraduate degree.

Criteria for Admission into the Program

Candidates admitted into this program will be selected on the following criteria:

1. meet University admissions requirements;
2. B.A., B.F.A., or M.A. degree in dance or equivalent with a 3.0 GPA in upper division dance courses;
3. professional goals consistent with the plan of study;
4. life experiences in the field;
5. audition in performance and choreography.

All MFA candidates are admitted on a conditional status. Removal of the conditional admit will occur after the following:

1. fulfillment of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR);
2. completion of all prerequisites;
3. completion of 20 graduate dance units with a GPA of 3.0;
4. Approval of Graduate Advisor.


Advanced technique, Dance Composition (3 courses), Dance History (2 courses), Music for Dance, Anatomy/Kinesiology, Dance Notation or Laban Movement Analysis, Dance Production (2 courses). Candidates may take prerequisite courses along with graduate courses.

When an undergraduate degree is completed in a program which has different requirements than those of the CSULB dance major, additional preparation may be required before the student can be considered for classified status. Up to 24 units from an M.A. degree program may be acceptable, with approval of the graduate advisor.

Application Requirements

1. A CSULB post-baccalaureate application.
2. The following returned to the CSULB Dance Department:
A. letter of application;
B. resume;
C. 3 letters of reference;
D. VHS video of a recent group choreographic work;
E. 2-page (typed, double spaced) personal statement addressing how graduate work will fulfill intended professional goals.
3. Audition on the CSULB campus to include a technique class and presentation of a 3-5 minute solo composition.

Advancement to Candidacy

Advancement to candidacy will occur based on the following:
1. unconditional admission status;
2. completion of 30 graduate dance units with a GPA of 3.0;
3. successful choreography produced in a graduate concert;
4. evaluation by graduate faculty of the candidate’s satisfactory progress toward the degree;
5. removal of any incompletes.
Performance/Choreography Concentration

60 units total: 18 units in Technique from DANC 510A, 510B, 512, 514, with a minimum of 12 units from DANC 512 or 510A, and a minimum of 6 units from DANC 514 or 510B; 14-16 units in Theory from DANC 505, 565, 588, 597, 605, 693; 12 units in Choreography from DANC 520 A,B,C,D; 5 units in Performance/Production from DANC 580 A,B, 585 A,B, 592, 595; 6 units from DANC 699; 3-5 units electives.