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CSULB's Music Department alumni include many great performers, composers, and teachers. Here is a sampling:

Jeffrey Reynolds, bass trombone; Chad Wackerman, drums; Wayne Bergeron, trumpet; Tom Kubis, saxophone/composer; Andy Martin, trombone; Penny Watson, music director (Arsenio Hall); John Ryther, composer; Dwayne VanWye, clarinet; Garrett List, trombone; Bill Nichols, trombone; Eugene Corporon, conductor; Jim Cox, piano; Mike Higgins, guitar; Brent Pierce, composer; John Patitucci, bass; Clarence Padilla, clarinet: Basil Poledouris, film composer; Alan Baer, tuba; Bumette Dillon, trumpet; David Metzger, bass/compose; Jay Anderson, bass; Gordon Peoke, drums; Jeff Kashiwa, saxophone; Sal Lozano, saxophone; Mike Whitman, saxophone; Lamoyne Taylor, saxophone; Darren Mulder, trumpet; Mitch Fennell, conductor; Anders Swanson, bass; Bill Liston, saxophone/composer; Richard and Karen Carpenter, "The Carpenters"; Rich Bullock, bass trombone; Arleen Auger, soprano; John Hollenbeck, trombone; Jon Lewis, trumpet; Jim Rotter, saxophone; Jane Ring Frank, choral conducting; Jo-Michael Scheibe, choral conducting- just to name a few!


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