Bachelor of Music, Option in Choral-Vocal Music and Option in Instrumental Music

The Subject Matter Program in Music is designed to provide students with a foundation in music (theory, history, literature, performance, applied music, conducting, and music education including the academic and creative aspects of music learning and performance), while also providing the training and experiences necessary for a successful teaching career in the ethnically and culturally diverse California public schools. Prospective teachers in the program are exposed to a variety of teaching styles, including cooperative learning, project-based instruction, and expository, activity-based, and interactive teaching styles. The music faculty believes that a skilled teacher provides engaging, meaningful, and intellectually challenging learning opportunities for all students by drawing on a strong foundation in music and the liberal arts for a broad understanding of the historical, aesthetic, spiritual, and political condition; a deep knowledge of subject-specific content, a range of pedagogical strategies to utilize appropriate teaching contexts; and a sensitive understanding of students from different backgrounds with diverse social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

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