Math Reservation FAQs

  1. How to obtain your login name and password?

    The login name and password were sent to you by e-mail. You may also contact Tangan Gao if you don't have one.

  2. How to make a reservation?

    After log in, left-click the date you want, fill in the required information, then click the "save" button.

    Please make sure that the description of a reservation contains at least

    • course number and/or purpose of the reservation,
    • your name.
  3. How to delete a reservation?

    Click on the reservation you plan to delete and then click the "delete entry" button. If you click the "delete series" button, the reservation together with its repeats will be deleted.

    Please make sure that you don't delete/alter other people's reservations if you use a generic login name!

  4. How to copy a reservation?

    Click on the reservation you plan to copy and then click the "copy entry" button. Then change the original date to what you want. This is useful when you repeat your reservation on days without a pattern.

  5. How do I make a recurring reservation?

    Clicking on the desired time brings you into the booking screen. Select the appropriate Repeat Type. The room will be scheduled at the same time, until the Repeat End Date, on the days determined by the Repeat Type.

    • A Daily repeat schedules every day.
    • A Weekly repeat schedules those days of the week that you check under Repeat Day. For example, use Weekly repeat to schedule the room every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday; check those days under Repeat Day. If you check no days under Repeat Day, the schedule will repeat on the same day of each week as the first scheduled day.
    • A Monthly repeat schedules the same day of each month, for example the 15th of the month.
    • A Yearly repeat schedules the same month and day of the month, for example every March 15th.
    • Finally, a Monthly, corresponding day repeat schedules one day each month, the same weekday and ordinal position within the month. Use this repeat type to schedule the first Monday, second Tuesday, or fourth Friday of each month, for example. Do not use this repeat type after the 28th day of the month.
  6. How do I delete one instance of a recurring reservation?

    Select the day/room/time that you want to delete and select Delete Entry.

  7. Why can't I delete/alter a reservation?

    In order to delete or alter a reservation, you must be logged in as the same person that made the reservation. Contact the person who initially made the reservation to have it deleted or changed.

  8. What happens if multiple people schedule the same meeting time?

    The short answer is: The first person to click on the Submit button wins.